Most Watched YouTube Videos

The most watched YouTube videos are from every aspect of video imagination possible. We must realize that a video is nothing more than a captured moment in time, preserved for the viewing of others later. The ability to capture rare and otherwise unusual moments in our lives and the lives of others is priceless. Having a venue like YouTube in which to share these moments in time, and the constant updating in real time, is nothing short of fun and free entertainment.

The most watched YouTube videos ranges from backyard entertainment to political snafus to animal life to business advertising gone wrong. You never know what will end up on YouTube and the most watched video on YouTube is always changing depending on how well it is formatted and advertised.

In order to get a video on the most watched YouTube videos list, you have to always be ready with your video camera and find the most outrageous moments in time to capture on video. From weddings to outdoor human antics you must be vigilant with your trusty video camera, willing to spend extra money on useless film and wasted time, but eventually you’ll get that special moment captured on video.

Trying to get your video in the most watched YouTube videos rankings is tough, since the world is always watching and posting their videos as well. YouTube is not restricted to any area of the world, so know that when you’ve ranked as one of the most watched YouTube videos, you definitely have arrived as a popular videographer.

There is a saying that holds very true; there are doers and there are talkers, but they left out an important part to that saying. There are also watchers. In order to talk about something or somebody there had to be doers in the first place, but to capture this event of film is for the most watched YouTube videos for all to watch.

With the vast categories of video clips, you can literally spend a lot of time searching for the videos you really want to see. Be sure when you are on YouTube that you specify the topic as accurately as possible in order to get to a video that you are looking for. YouTube lists their videos in the actual wording of the video poster’s title, so it may take a time or two to get to the specific video.

If you are wanting to get your video ranked as one of the most watched YouTube videos, you really need to advertise it elsewhere on the web and direct traffic to it from outside of YouTube and then let YouTube do the rest.

To view or should I say watch, a quick run through of the most watched Youtube videos, we’ve captured this all in one place. Take a few minutes to see how many you may have seen already and don’t miss the moments that escaped you when it first occurred.

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The Importance of Positivity in Viral Videos

Viral videos are everywhere, even on the news. They cover a wide variety of content, but they are usually emotionally charged. Studies have shown that viral content is actually somewhat predictable in nature because it is not, to the surprise of many, entirely random or accidental. Viral videos can be engineered, especially by skilled video production companies.

So how do we begin to create a viral video? It’s best to start with a positive overall emotional content. Virality is largely based on emotional action responses, which cause us to feel strongly that we should share content. Happiness, awe, shock, anxiety, and anger provide us with some of the strongest desires to act, which translates to online sharing and redistribution.

What We Share Reflects on Us

The videos we share tend to reflect something about ourselves, and on a subconscious level, everyone understands that. By sharing positive, heartwarming videos, we present ourselves to others as upbeat, happy, caring people who want others to feel good about themselves or the world. Positive videos are statistically a larger portion of the viral market, especially if you include videos about babies and animals.

Negative videos cause us to feel poorly about ourselves and reflect poorly on us when we share them, which is why negative videos have a more difficult time going viral than positive ones. The only “negative” videos that do manage to go viral produce a strong “action” response: usually anger, shock or anxiety. We feel a strong urge to have others help us or support us in these scenarios, which causes sharing.

The Importance of Product Perception

Since strong emotional response is the best way to get your video shared, you have two options as a company: you can go positive or negative. Going positive for your viral video will do several things for you, including engineering a positive association with your company or product. A more negative campaign, however, can turn on you, thanks to involuntary association: human psychology generally reassigns negative attributes to their source instead of to their target. Instead of accidentally creating negative sentiments for your company with a derogatory viral video, play it safe and have your viral video be one with a positive message.

How to Use This Information

You can use this knowledge to have powerful viral videos created for your product. When creating video content for social media distribution, keep the overall emotional sentiment of the content in mind. Your videos will have a significantly better distribution rate if they are positive and upbeat. This can be difficult to do with many products or services, so you should consider consulting with a professional video production company to create the best possible emotional content for your video. Even simple changes can help to create a more positive atmosphere for your video, and a talented video production company will have the aptitude to properly craft your video to embrace every possible opportunity.

Danny Gonzales is the owner of Optimum Productions, an Atlanta video production company. Founded in 2007, Optimum Productions is a full service Atlanta video production company which has produced a wide variety of creative, compelling content, including corporate overviews, training videos, commercials, viral videos, and many more.

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Advantages of Viral Videos

Online marketing is more entertaining and full of unknowns these days as the latest technological advantages of viral videos are streaming live advertisements and mesmerizing visual effects, ultimately attracting the attention for a new or existing brand. However, with so many variations to develop viral videos, the creativity of some marketing strategies can get misunderstood causing more confusion than attraction. Which is why we address a few advantages of viral videos, to help you develop the right online marketing strategy for your brand.

Continuing the efforts of developing video content should remain strong with your goal to still make your video go viral. An article once compared the terms of investment-to-value ratio to viral videos, breaking them down to be the most economical efforts a brand can put out for itself. Even if only one video hits the charts for this industry, you’ve opened new doors and paved a new path for a good branding opportunity.

The key is to keep your brand on a good, and soon to be a great, path. We break down key strategies to show you the advantages of viral videos and the success that follows.

These viral videos can be the beginning to a new branding image for you, your book or your company, or these videos could be the key to rebuilding your brand.

Below we reveal three advantages of viral videos to highlight the importance and value your brand can take from this strategy. So take the time to consider the viral videos and how each of these advantages can help you and your brand.

Advantage 1: Serious Message Shared with Humor

Adding humor to the message of a brand or to a specific product will likely grab more viewers attention than a black and white video strictly selling off bullet points. Think about what grabs your attention while surfing the Internet, is it the colors, the words, the images, or is it the non-stop action, the voices or the music? It could be a blend of these things that draws in your attention, but ultimately its the humor and connections that keep your eyes glued to that screen and more importantly that message or product.

Take for instance this in-flight safety video “Fit to Fly” by Air New Zealand and starring Richard Simmons. Instead of hearing a monotone flight attendant blast the in-flight instructions over the airplane’s PA, this Fit to Fly video is literally a fitness video on flying safely. Adding humor to attract passengers attention to hear the serious message of flying safely is a brilliant video that has now gone viral.

A great video can still have the necessary information for your product or brand, but consider adding appropriate humor to attract and keep viewers attention of your message.

Advantage 2: Inexpensive

The cost of viral videos is very low, most are uploaded at no cost at all. While streaming online videos for free or at a low cost, you can also consider viral videos uploaded as a television commercial. However, consider the volume of investment that goes into primetime shows, networks and specific events airing on the television, and the costs that rise during these times.

If you’re on a budget then start your viral video campaign online. Stream from social media sites, or upload to other video sites like Metacafe. This particular video site connects your brand with targeted audiences by placing your video into their viral engine. With their well-known selection of videos and categories, the views of your video will likely reach a broader audience and more specifically your targeted audience.

Advantage 3: Entertaining

Entertaining your audience is key when attracting their attention span long enough to absorb your image or message, freshly preserving your brand in their minds. So whether your entertainment includes setting goals for your target market, creating contests or challenges, your audience is looking to be impressed with enjoyment.

Just look at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised more than $100 million for this viral video challenge. Receiving more than 2.4 million unique video uploads to social media sites for this related Ice Bucket Challenge who knew the attraction of this video would have this outstanding success. It all began with that one click and 2.4 million actions later, this viral video is a success!

Accurate predictions of how far your video will go viral are highly unlikely, however what is likely is the advantages of viral videos. So utilize this information to your benefit and remember, it might only take one upload to build a successful brand.

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How to Create a Viral Video Sensation

Viral video marketing is perhaps the easiest and most time efficient way to bring hoards of traffic to your business, website, product or service. The internet has allowed the average person to reach out to the world with minimal effort using this marketing technique. It’s the process in which a video is so entertaining that viewers begin sharing it with their friends, who share with their friends and so on. In this post I would like to cover a few examples of viral videos, why they became viral and how you yourself can initiate a storm of traffic with your own viral video.

Firstly, you can never be certain that a video will be popular enough to spread like wild fire. However, you can definitely influence the chances that it will be. I guarantee that at some point you will have been involved in viral marketing without even knowing that you’re promoting somebody else’s business.

A brief look at some well known examples

Charlie Bit my Finger

This video contains footage of a baby biting his siblings finger, yes, that’s it. How many views did this video get you ask? Currently the views are just below 500 million! It’s important to know that videos like this were never intended to go viral, in fact the father who filmed and uploaded this clip never dreamed he would spark such a hit. With it’s success Charlie bit my finger now promotes a series of products including t-shirts and apps direct from the YouTube page itself.

The Annoying Orange

The annoying orange was created in 2009 and since then has gained an impressive 123 million views sparking a series that consistently reaches 30 million+ views per video. This is personally one of my favorite viral videos because it shows incredible innovation from the creator. The ability to create different sketches relating to pretty much anything you can think of just gives the marketers an endless supply of possible ideas. The annoying orange quickly began selling merchandise following it’s huge success and who can blame them?

David After Dentist

This video features David, a 7 year old boy returning from the dentist still feeling the effects of the drugs given to him. The man recording (David’s father) was doing so to ease his fear of doctors appointments, teaching his son that anticipation is worse than the event itself (probably not the best example). Little did he know that he would soon be the founder of a YouTube sensation. David after dentist now sells merchandise and promotes it’s very own website dedicated to hosting similar videos. I would like to add that the annoying orange did a parody of this which became very popular also.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Now we come to the dramatic chipmunk, the title says it all. There are many different viral animal videos but this one is particularly special because it’s only 5 seconds in length, possibly the shortest viral video with a respectable 36 million views. The clip was taken from an existing video found here. It was simply cut out with some dramatic backing music and viola, a viral YouTube sensation.

Evolution of Dance

Judson Laipply who loves to dance recorded himself at a gig one evening and it was perhaps the best thing he could have done. The video has gained 206 million views and has initiated a flood of variety dance videos including several sequels from Judson himself. He now promotes his website via his YouTube page where he even sells his very own book titled “might as well dance”. He does accept bookings to perform his evolution of dance act, although I have a feeling it won’t be cheap.


So what can we learn about existing viral videos that we can implement ourselves?
Well, let’s be brutally honest, most viral videos were never intended to be that way and you might be inclined to think that you just have to be in the right place at the right time to catch something spectacular. This is partly true but I can say with certainty there are ways to create an online sensation with that intention in mind and that is by following as many of these steps as possible.

Ingredient 1 – Keep it short

As we have already seen time and time again you’re much more likely to succeed if your video is short, it is recommended that you keep it between 10-30 seconds. If your video drags on for too long you will lose peoples interest very fast.

Ingredient 2 – Make It Changeable

If people can easily remix it, manipulate it and have fun with it then you’re onto a winner. This is not always as important but this aspect will leave room for other opportunities to expand.

Ingredient 3 – Don’t Make an Advertisement

Nobody likes ads and nor will they share them, your video should be intended as a way of advertising but this does not mean the video itself. Your media is what will bring people to your page and your page is where you can provide links and further information to whatever product or products you may be selling.

Ingredient 4 – Target an Emotion

Be sure to know what reaction you are aiming for, whether it be laughter, curiosity, fear, compassion or even shock. Once you know this, really try to amplify that reaction as much as possible. Make the viewer want to share that emotion and essentially share your video.

Ingredient 5 – Choose Wisely

Proven video subjects include the following:

Babies and Young Children (pulling faces, being stupid)
Animals (displaying human emotions, being stupid)
People Getting Hurt (sports, accidents, stunts)
Pranks (friends pranking friends, public pranks)
Parodies/Spoofs (acting out popular movies/show etc.)

Ingredient 6 – Get on the Most Viewed Page

YouTube videos on the daily most viewed page get enormous amounts of traffic. To appear on the daily most viewed list you must have had a significant amount of interest in your video. This is the hard part because you need to spread your video high and low using social media, blogs, forums and you should even ask friends to do the same for you to get as much exposure as you absolutely can. You should not be afraid to go for some paid advertising at this stage. If the video is good enough it will begin to take off into a sharing frenzy.

Ingredient 7 – Title Optimization

Include terms like “leaked” and “exclusive” in your titles to attract attention. Once you appear on the daily most viewed page you should change your title to something more intriguing, try make it really catchy and possibly even misleading to an extent. Give anybody a reason to want to click on your video, remember, humans are curious by nature.

Ingredient 8 – Provoke Conversation

A great tip is to create several YouTube accounts and start commenting on your video, get a conversation going. This will invite users to have their opinion and will essentially give your video that interactive element that it lacks.

Ingredient 9 – Thumbnails

Thumbnails are what you see in the listings before you click the video. YouTube will generate a thumbnail for you using the exact mid-point of your video. You should edit your video to include the image that will most appeal, I even suggest throwing in something completely unrelated if it will make people click on it.

Ingredient 10 – Optimize Tags

Don’t use obvious tags, if you’re making a video with a laughing baby try to avoid tags like baby, giggling, laughing. Instead, use synonyms like little, babyish, cackle and snigger. If you’re having trouble with that you can always use Google for example, “other words for laughing”.

Ingredient 11 – Track Your Growth

Monitor your videos progress by checking out analytics to see where you’re getting the most clicks and expand on that. Keep testing new methods and develop the ones that are working for you, this is all part of viral video marketing.

That’s it!

My 11 ingredients for making a viral video all in bite-size form. Just remember it’s not easy to succeed, Just continue to persist with new ideas and you will find something that works.After all, there is still plenty of innovate content appearing on the internet after more than 20 years of it’s birth.

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How To Create A Viral Video On YouTube

The culture of viral marketing can be attributed to the initial days of the very first social network mediums which were actually interactive networks where people used to interact with each other to share jokes, views and power point presentations etc. Due to its extreme interactivity these mediums soon become popular among masses of people, providing businesses an opportunity to use these mediums to market their selves and their products. Hence various social media web sites like Face book, twitter, etc gained popularity providing an opportunity for online marketers to attract attention of masses through posting attractive and interesting videos to these networks and try to bring visitors to your websites.

Even before that the use of viral videos was vastly registered on YouTube, the most widely used source which is being visited by millions of online visitors daily to search videos for any kind of information they want. Online marketers soon clutched this opportunity and started posting videos in order to get the message viral. As competition grew, the demand for content grew, and marketers started crafting attractive and eye catching videos in order to make them go viral.

However, there are several factors to consider if your objective is to go through viral marketing. In order to create a video to have a chance at becoming viral it needed to have a few or all of the following characteristics:

Your video must be:

  • Original
  • Interesting
  • Dramatic
  • Eye – catching and enormously attractive
  • Unexpected
  • Funny / Mysterious

A viral video varies from the other types of online marketing video in terms of its location. Viral videos can only perform best when they are embedded to places other than the company’s site. The basic objective of a viral video is to increase market reach. The company’s objective behind a viral video is to reach to masses of audience and hence the marketer will try to embed the viral videos in many different sites to reach as wide range of audience as possible.

Although viral videos can get you to millions of viewers, there are also some drawbacks behind this strategy, some of which are jotted below;

  • Few online marketers fear embedding a viral video on external sites as once a video is embedded outside the company’s site the company totally loses control over it for example there is no control on the surrounding text, the surrounding pictures and ads. If you allow your video to be watched anywhere, you have to consider that viewers may see your logo and messaging put adjacent with less savory images etc.
  • It is also very difficult to track the success of viral videos as you can’t identify whether your video reached your target audience or not. You might get a high number of views but it is not enough to consider the number of views only. In order for your video to be considered a viral success, it is essential to know that whether or not you were noticed by the right kind of audience which is almost impossible to track. However, if your video is hosted on a video sharing site like YouTube, you can review the comments your video receives to get an idea of the level of “buzz” your viral video have generated, however it is still difficult to identify its impact on driving online traffic to your website.

This is why viral video is best suited for online marketing campaigns aimed to create brand-building and buzz-making and to reach to masses of audience.

Brian Scott is a freelance photographer and videographer who uses the latest technologies, including video marketing, to generate sales for his business. Visit his website, [] and learn how to make money in photography [].

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