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Do people watch videos from your website? I recently launched a product and created some content on a blog. The stuff that was placed on my website was both video and text. I did the basic stuff with submitting my articles to the directories. The next thing I did was taking my introductory video and blasted that out to some of the main websites that take video. Video has been really good to me.

Most of my friends that have websites have been telling me how great video is. The search engine for video is the 2nd biggest search engine around. When you go to the major search engines and type in a phrase, video and audio stuff usually comes up. When you post your videos up online, you have to get into the mind of the person that will watch your video. You have to do your market research.

They have video submission services that help out people like me out a lot. When you’re working with video you have to stretch the off line factors in to what you are doing, but if you do your job right you can end up with a lot of traffic. Once you have a product launch, there is only so much that you can put on your web pages. That is why I recommend blogs.

When you’re doing all this stuff with video the focus then goes to what you are doing offline and getting backlinks back to your website. Getting links to your videos can be very powerful. Not that many people are doing this. I’ve been experimenting with video for a while now and I must say the traffic is really good. Now hands down video is the way to go. If you’re reading this article it’s something you should seriously look into because putting together a video can cost you between $5 and $20.

If you want to check it out go to your major search engine and type in one of your keywords. You will usually see videos in the search in about the 5th or 6th position. If the phrase is red hot, it might be even higher.

Now take the URL of the video and go to the search engine again and type in link: then put the url after that. Look and see how much traffic some videos are getting. On the side if you have a cool piece of software you can have all of this stuff analyzed for you. You can see where the links are coming from with the PR ranking with them also. Videos get really good traffic.

The thing that is the most important is to save your video by the name of your keyword. Then you can use different services to get back links for your videos. I think this opportunity will be around for a while. There’s nothing like having people watch videos from your website.

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