Viral Videos Can Get You Famous

It’s one thing to post your videos on YouTube, but it’s something else to get noticed by millions of online viewers and to start a craze. Today, and in the coming years, people need to go the extra mile and do more than just to create a video and post it on video sharing sites to achieve viral success. If you really want to be famous online and stand out from the rest, you need to make more noise and use strategic tactics to get viral videos.

Take for instance Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, who currently has over 169 million views on his YouTube Channel and more than 220,000 subscribers. His videos have attained a certain degree of popularity to the extent of bagging that one-off chance to work with giants in the industry like Microsoft, Johnson&Johnson, Starbucks and MTV. Today, he is a trusted name in the field of viral marketing consulting owing to the success of his videos.

Contrary to what most brands think, making a viral video is not strictly a game of chance. It entails creativity and strategic thinking. Observe the kinds of trends that have been successful in making other videos turn viral. Many with singing, dancing, babies, or other surprising acts have worked well. Topical subjects and parodies have also helped launched many videos into hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. But it would be best if you could incorporate a bit of something new in your video to stand out from the rest. Try to surprise your audiences and make them want to share your video with their friends.

It is also important to take note that more and more companies are starting to look at viral video marketing in a different light. Brands turn to creators of viral videos on YouTube for a new way of reaching their target demographic. Like these larger brands, you may want to engage in collaborations or product placement with established video makers who already have a substantially large fan base. –

Search engines also play a vital role in video marketing. Of all video sharing websites, posting your material in YouTube is the surest way of getting found in search engines. Keep in mind that the process doesn’t end there. Once you have uploaded your video, you need to promote it, seed it, optimize it, and participate in the YouTube community.

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