Viral Video Marketing

Now that your video has been created, how is it going to draw 1000s of viewers? First, you need to know the best place to start viral marketing. YouTube is ideal as it generates great website traffic. Here’s the hint: there are around 80 million videos that are watched everyday on YouTube, and a lot of those views are from people who click the “Videos” tab. Your goal should be getting your video on that Videos page which includes a list of the Daily Most Viewed videos.

If you succeed, your video won’t merely be one of those 10,000 new videos each day. It will go viral and be part of the twenty videos listed on the Most Viewed page. The higher your rank is on the page, the more views your video will receive. Now the next question is: How are you going to get the first 50,000 views required to get your videos on the Most Viewed page?

  1. Blogs. Try to contact individuals who manage relevant blogs and even pay them to post or embed your video. This is referred to as pay per post. It may sound like cheating but it’s effective and there are no rules against it. It is simply marketing.
  2. Forums. Start new threads then embed your video. At times, this may require you to initiate conversations by creating multiple accounts on each form and posting messages back and forth between a small number of different users. It sounds wearying and time-consuming, but if you can get enough people to work on it, it can be very helpful.
  3. MySpace. You can embed YouTube videos in the comments area of the members’ MySpace pages. Take advantage of all the exposure you can get through this viral marketing strategy.
  4. Facebook. This social media site makes it so easy to share YouTube videos. By sharing your video to everyone in your friends list, you will discover great results. You can also create an event that publicizes the launching of your video. Invite friends, tag them, write notes, and post the video on Facebook Video and other video websites.
  5. List of Emails. Create an email list and sent your video to everyone on the list. This can be a very effective strategy depending on the size of that list and number of people who are willing to opt in to accept links to your YouTube videos.
  6. Friends. Convince everyone you know to watch your video and encourage them to share it with their friends, or at least on their social media website.

Every video has a shelf life of around 48 hours before it’s repositioned from the list of Daily Most Viewed videos to the list of Weekly Most Viewed videos; therefore it is important that this happens fast. If you want real viral marketing, YouTube makes it possible. With these strategies, you are guaranteed no less.

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