Viral Video Marketing – How to Get Traffic Through Video Marketing

Viral marketing has emerged as the most sought after method for generating customer interest in a product or service. Cultivating concentrated customer interest through traditional methods such as television and radio required years of time and investment. The exposure provided by just one viral video can equal and often surpass the same level of interest generated by traditional methods.

In most cases, a viral video costs only a fraction of other forms of commercials to produce and widespread distribution is essentially free beyond the initial launch of the video campaign.

Major companies face a sizable amount of deep-rooted customer cynicism and skepticism in relation to viral videos with obvious production value. The phenomenon of viral videos began when videos of natural events recorded a humorous or surprising occurrence. When a viral video takes on the form of a produced creation, it loses the spontaneity and general ‘honesty’ inherent in these early forms of videos.

In some cases, a poorly produced video can be distributed for adverse reasons: meaning the exposure is meant to showcase an embarrassing or blatantly commercial video.

While it is often said ‘all publicity is good publicity,’ having your viral video derided for its failure is not the best method for proper viral marketing. Instead, go about making your video viral the old fashioned way: provide something the user wants. Even if your web site is obscure, you can create a video that will provide your user with valuable content that will inspire its natural distribution.

One popular form of viral video is commentary on products or services related to your web site. Providing an expert or humorous review on a topic provides legitimacy and allows your videos to develop into a series that will leave visitors wanting more after its conclusion.

Sketches and cartoons based on the themes included on your web site are another way you can provide entertainment for users without staging an event that did not transpire under natural circumstances.

You might also consider a reality-show based theme where a potential customer uses a product or service mentioned on your site. If you think creatively, you are sure to conjure ideas for creating effective viral marketing that retain a sense of legitimacy amongst your potential audience.

Whatever method you use, be sure to make your video truly viral by adding an easy ‘tell a friend’ application, one that not only ensures that many, not just a couple of, friends are told and one that rewards the teller with some sort of incentive.

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