Viral Marketing – The Power of YouTube

With YouTube being one of the fastest growing websites with millions of visitors a day, it’s little wonder why thousands of webmasters are taking advantage of it’s exploding traffic and labeling it as the number one website for viral marketing.

Creating a video is much easier than many have been made to believe. All that’s required is a basic video camera, a computer and an internet connection — editing software is included in your operating system (either Mac or Windows) as standard. Very little editing knowledge is needed to create a half decent video with professional values (text overlays, credits, transitions etc.)

The most important aspect in viral marketing is to create something unique. Unfortunately, there’s little room for improving on ideas that have already been done, so a unique video is crucial. Your video will still receive some traffic if it’s based on an existing video, but there’s very little chance that it’ll be featured and/or shared amongst users.

If you plan on generating traffic to your website from your video, it’s extremely important to include the website’s URL in the video itself. Having it prominently displayed before, during and after the video will ensure that a large majority of video views will result in hits to your website. You’ll also benefit from users viewing your website “off YouTube” (where a webmaster has embedded your video on their site).

A large majority of your video views will originate from search engine queries, so remember to properly optimize your video’s description and tags. YouTube’s high Google PageRank means that the keywords you target will have a greater chance of landing on the front page of results — a little keyword research will do wonders for your overall views and traffic.

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