Video Marketing and the Viral Video

Would you spend a half million dollars on a video that would only be seen on the Internet? What if that video would draw thousands of potential customers to your website?

Graffiti artist Mark Echo created a 2-minute video that appears to show him tagging Air Force One. The thought of putting graffiti on the President’s jet seemed to be an irresistible draw to many observers.

Throughout the viewing of the video a website name was listed and it drew an unprecedented number of visitors to the site Echo was marketing.

It is believed that Echo spent in excess of $400,000 to complete this online only video and even though he admits the jet was a rental that was painted to look like Air Fore One there are many who still believe the video is real.

Some call it unconscionable and disgraceful. While it may have been reckless it has also proven something else – videos made for online distribution really can provide a viral atmosphere that can result in significant online traffic and buzz.

The truth is there has been significant growth for media staff as relates to online design. For some entrepreneurs there is the feeling that they need to do things bigger and better online in order to gain or sustain the growth they want.

Some of these videos are morphed into banner ads while some simply stand alone as attention getters. Some companies will put visual information together that will attract a certain clientele. For instance there is at least one company who simply works to find ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos of a variety of pop culture icons. When a web surfer uses their favorite search engine to look up their favorite star they might find a YouTube video with a simply designed presentation of the history of the star in pictures. Of course splashed across the screen is the web address for the company responsible for the videos.

Many advertisers who use traditional media such as television may encourage viewers to log onto their website to see what happens next in a commercial. That teaser is often enough to get potential customers and contacts to visit the website to see more.

While preparing an online video can be expensive it can also be a great way to manage business growth IF the video catches on. You will need to market the video or put together a grassroots team to get the word out if it is to be successful. Those who see the video will need to be inspired to send the link out to others. This is how a video can become viral.

You do need to know a video used in this way is also somewhat of a gamble. You are never assured the idea will gain a following or that viewers will be so engaged with your video that they are motivated to tell others.

One significant tip is that if you develop the video for use on your own site you should also work to submit it to other video sharing sites like YouTube and AOL video.

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