Using Video For Viral Marketing

What makes good video viral marketing different from bad video viral marketing? If you asked around, the most common answer would be that bad viral marketing simply makes them sick, frustrated, and tired. On the other hand, good viral marketing can be funny, informative, inspirational, sexy, or moving.

Unfortunately, we’re much more likely to receive the “bad and the ugly” than the “good”, online these days. If you want to take advantage of everything that viral marketing has to offer, though, then you will want to make sure that your own efforts fall into the latter category.

The “best of the best” in viral campaigns – that is, those who have won awards for them, and who have had the greatest successes in message spread – agree that there are three primary rules to follow when creating a viral video campaign.

  1. Viral videos isn’t the same as a viral email – though technically speaking, viral videos could be spread via email, the same way that viral emails spread, however, that is not really the point of viral video marketing. In actuality, viral video campaigns have a life of their own and grow and expand on the web and through other various means – rarely email – such as on video hosting sites (for example, the popular YouTube), and posting on profile sites such as MySpace. Email just doesn’t spread in the same way.
  2. Viral videos must be shocking, funny, or helpful – viral videos can’t just be a little bit shocking, funny, or helpful, but will need to be scandalous, hilarious, or as helpful as Web 2.0! Being funny isn’t as easy as it sounds. Everybody has their own idea of what will tickle their funny bone, and what is simply bland or annoying. Shocking or rude videos have to do with showing things that you can’t really do on television because of the sensors. There is a big reluctance to cross the shock line, but there is a tremendous draw to swearing, nudity, and anything considered offensive. A video is helpful when it spreads important or useful information about a topic of common interest. These can all be very challenging, however, when done right, you’ll get enough people to spread your message to be worthwhile.
  3. Simplicity is key – if a viral video isn’t simple, it just won’t work. It needs to have a direct message and a concrete way of getting that message across. There shouldn’t be a gray area regarding what it’s all about. It should be right there, ready to be seen by the world.

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