Trending Marketing Strategies: 5 Types Of Youtube Videos

Video Marketing Trends On Youtube

When it comes to successful video marketing strategy on YouTube, uploading content consistently is one of the most effective ways to gain attention. However, creating and posting videos on a consistent basis means that you have to regularly compose video ideas, which can become difficult. Fortunately, knowing the 5 types of marketing YouTube videos businesses should be taking advantage of should give you plenty of ideas for your next video marketing campaign.

Consider YouTube videos that focus on:


If you have a warehouse filled with shelves and shelves of products, chances are that it’s visually impressive, especially on screen. Viewers love seeing large stockpiles of products, especially if it’s a product that they’re already interested in. Of course, be sure to post links to your online store or to a landing page where viewers can learn more!


Of course, you can create YouTube specific advertisements for your channel. However, it’s important to remember that the culture on YouTube is much different than the ad culture on television. While ads that play on TV are more serious in nature, YouTube commercials are funnier, more creative, and are sometimes completely off the wall – think the Super Bowl on steroids. If you want to get creative and work completely outside the box, YouTube is the place to go!

How To

As you market videos on YouTube, it’s important to remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google. People are consistently searching for information and how-to videos. Investing in videos that teach users how to use your products or do something related to your services is a good way to build organic traffic and provide useful content for web users.

Your Brand

YouTube’s new channel layout allows brands to upload a “trailer,” or introductory video for their channel. By creating a video that focuses on your brand, you can quickly and effectively tell new visitors about the products and services your business provides. This is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression and create a loyal customer.

Customer Testimonials

Did you know that over half of online consumers research a company or product before they purchase it online? Since potential customers are looking for legitimate references, consider investing in a video that highlights customer testimonials. Whether you crowdsource this project or compile authentic reviews of your products and services, testimonials are an excellent way to reach potential customers.

As you continue your video marketing efforts on YouTube, it’s important to focus on other aspects that ensure the video’s success. For instance, an optimized title and keyword rich description will ensure that the right people view the video. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to invest in YouTube advertising to give your videos and channel the extra nudge it needs to gain attention. In fact, research shows that YouTube ads result in increased organic traffic, especially when viewers subscribe to your content. Since video marketing is still generally under-utilized by many brands, adding this component to your overall marketing agenda will give you a leg up over competitors!