Tips to Increase YouTube Comments

With the current YouTube system of likes/dislikes comments have become more important because viewers can give the thumbs up or thumbs down to a comment, which can tell the new viewer the actual sentiments that different viewers have about your video. Comments, whether negative or positive, prove that your video is worth commenting on. Consider these two tips to increase you tube comments on your video.

Tip #1 – SEO Your Video

Comments can only be given on a video if someone sees it. Search engine optimizing you video for YouTube and the search genies will increase your chances of getting traffic the your video, thus increasing the chances of someone taking the time to leave a comment. You should include the keyword in the title and description of your video. With Google directly indexing videos in the search results, when someone enters the keywords you are targeting, your video may show up on their screen. Similarly, people typing in your keywords in the YouTube search engine can also bring them to your video.

Get back links to your video. The best place to start is with the social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and the scores of other. The more back links your video has, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines.

Tip #2 – Purchase Opinions

If you don’t have strong subscriber base, getting traffic to your new video is hard. In this case, you can do a bit of self-promotion and pay people to comment on your videos. There are a few services that send genuine traffic and comments to your video. YouTube SEO works extremely well to get your video to stand out.

Making SEO videos and spending some cash on getting opinions are two methods you can use to increase YouTube comments. Also it’s important to not only have comments, but plenty of views, links, favorites and subscribers. The more of those you have, the higher your YouTube channel and video will rank on YouTube and Google search results.

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