Three Ways to Embed Videos on Facebook

In the last 2 years the use of Facebook has skyrocketed. People who were once long time MySpace users have switched over to the clean and simple interface of Facebook. However many people would like to see more MySpace features in their Facebook accounts. For the user who likes watching videos on their Facebook wall, here are three ways to embed videos on Facebook.

  1. Use the “Share on Facebook” button- If you want to share a YouTube video on your Facebook wall or private space you simply need to browse YouTube until you find the video you want. Then immediately below the video you will see an area that says “Share”, when you click that you will see Facebook, click Facebook. When you click Facebook a small window will pop up and ask you to sign in to your Facebook account, once you are in find and click the “post to profile” button, this will link the video to your account. Once you do this you are done! You account will show the video you have selected. This is the easiest way to embed videos on Facebook.
  2. Use the method “Share a Link”- With this method you can embed videos on Facebook, either on your page or on the page of a friend. The first step is to go to the video, highlight the URL and copy it. Then login to you Facebook account and click the “Share a Link” button near the top. In the text box you need to paste the URL that you previously copied. Click the “Post” button and you will be ready to watch your video.
  3. Manually Insert the Video Code- If for have tried the first two methods and are still not able to embed videos on Facebook, you may want to take the process to its basics. If you are familiar with Html code this should be very simple for you. Facebook does not allow you to use the embed or script tags. However I am going to show you how to embed videos on Facebook using Facebook accepted code. If you are going to share a YouTube file then this will work perfectly as YouTube videos are Flash files.

Flash video files are labeled (.flv)

(Left-pointing angle bracket) fb:flv src=”Paste Here_Video_URL” height=”###” width=”###”/>

Set the height and width value to whatever you want. Start with 250 x 250 if you are not sure and then you can adjust it from there.

With these tips you can easily embed videos on Facebook and make you Facebook profile a little more exciting. Because it is so easy to embed videos on Facebook you can change videos daily without spending much of your time. Enjoy!

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