The Power of the Viral Video

Over the last few years we’ve all seen viral videos. Most are stupid, cute or revolting. However there is still power in the concept and potential for massive traffic from using it. I would like to share some of my ideas on the topic with you.

Now video marketing online is a powerful tool all on its own. People don’t like to read anymore. The world has become about getting the fastest results, in the shortest time. All of us working in the field of online marketing know this.

Music is a great comparison to a viral video. Do you know why rappers mention their name in almost every song? Well… it might be mostly ego, but there is a solid marketing ploy being used as well, people hear the name and remember it. Repeat it in every song, and they cant forget it.

Viral videos work on a similar basis. Once a video catches on, it’s name flows around the net like a virus, thus the name. Everyone that hears about it wants to see it. What if you put a video up that went viral, and it had your sites address on it?

Care to guess how much traffic you might start getting?

Now that traffic will die down after awhile, but enough people will see your site, that you will have your solid returning audience after the hype dies down. Plus people will still visit your videos to see what else you’ve got up.

I’m sure you have some ideas floating around your head now for videos you could try. I’m happy to have been able to inspire you.

My name is Ryan Murphy and My love in life is music. Listening to it, making it and exploring it.

Music really is my drive in life.

I got into online marketing, graphic design, sales, and creative writing to help me in my dreams.

I write stories, have a book on online marketing out on Amazon’s Kindle, sell t-shirts, and of course music.

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