The most proven ways to drive organic traffic to your website


Search Engines

Are you feeling overwhelmed due to the infinite options you have for driving organic traffic to your website? Well, you are not alone if you find yourself in this predicament. Here we will talk about the best ways you can drive organic traffic to your websites instead of talking about all the different options you have for the same.

Look at topics that people are searching for

There is no doubt that SEO (search engine optimization) can work. Because as long as you rank high on Google, you would be able to generate a consistent stream of organic traffic to your website. For this, you would need to look at keyword explorers from the top SEO companies in the world. Here you would be able to see thousands of topics that you can potentially target to drive organic traffic to your website. One of the benefits of conducting your search on these websites is that you can trim down your search list based on factors, such as keywords with high traffic potential and ones low in keyword difficulty.

This way, you would be able to pick out keywords that are relevant to your website.

Fill in missing gaps in your content

One piece of content could rank on the search engine for thousands of keywords. Most of them would be different ways of looking for the same thing. However, some of these would be subtopics that must feature in your content. If you can cover these subtopics that are missing in your content – also known as content gaps – there is a good chance that you would rank higher on the search engine and thus get higher search traffic.

Writing guest posts

Guest blogging is the process where you are writing for blogs owned by others. In return, the website editor or owner would let you link their website back to your website. There are several benefits of guest posts, such as more referral traffic, increased awareness about your brand, and more backlinks directly related to your ranking on the search engine. There are always ways you could find relevant sites where you could write a guest post or two. You need not worry if they are not advertising for such posts or if they do not have a section titled write for us.

Most sites are looking for guest posts these days.

Refreshing out-dated content

You can be sure that the moment you do this, your traffic would shoot up. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in SEO is to think it is a one-time deal. You may be ranking high on your relevant keyword right now but do not take this for granted – it is not permanent. There would always be competitors that would try and steal your spot. So, if your content becomes out-dated, Google could place you lower on its rankings. Thus, if you want to maintain your ranking, you have to keep reinvigorating your content.


There are several other steps that you must take in this particular context. Appear on podcasts. You could collaborate with brands and tap into their audience. You can share barebones posts on platforms such as Reddit. You can also add an FAQ (frequently asked question) section on your website. Try creating Twitter threads. In this context, it is also crucial to post regularly on LinkedIn. It is significant to reach out to amplifiers and create a free tool. You can also try running ads on Google and ranking videos on Google.