The Making of a Viral Video Marketing Expert

It doesn’t take a lot of surfing the web to realize that video has completely transformed the way information is relayed to us. Numerous sites now spot flashy videos which not only showcase their products but also welcome the public to have a marketing relationship with the companies.

Marketers are not the only ones utilizing the power of video; non-profits and others are realizing that it is vastly easier to make an impact to their viewers using visual tools than just utilizing static text. In recent months, we’ve witnessed video go from mundane to robust and sites like YouTube have skyrocketed in popularity. The impact of YouTube cannot be understated. The concept of “viral video” has emerged where videos offer embedding capabilities so that anyone can easily post the video on their site.

Viral videos have hit the online marketing world by storm precisely because visual tools are inherently more powerful than static text. Most powerful websites today captivate web surfers with vibrant videos that keep the user engaged and educated as to the products and services being offered. Let us see a few reasons why viral videos are the way to go:

  1. Visual appeal
    People learn and respond better to video rather than static text or audio. That is the exact reason why you want to use video on your site. Marketing research shows that videos convert customers better than other forms of media communication.
  2. Relational
    In today’s videos, we get to see who we are dealing with. New research reveals that people respond better to a product if they can attach a face to it. If you are selling a product online, you can appear on the video explaining the product and this can help convert more people into paying customers.

Videos are now viral. This means that they can be embedded in a website or blog quite easily unlike before. YouTube videos are the most common example of this. YouTube provides viewers with a simple URL link which can be pasted onto a webpage or blog posts. When people visit this blog or site, they see the video which most should have your website address.

How to become a viral video expert
One of the best ways of churning great expert videos is to learn from the experts. Many people think it is extremely complicated to produce powerful viral videos. The contrary is actually true. The first thing you need is the right software. Camtasia Studio or Sony Vegas do an excellent job but you need tutorial guides in order to master these. Then you need to know where you get the material. In some instances PLR videos are available in some sites on the Internet. Excellent tutorials and guides also exist on how you can become a master at viral videos and totally transform your online ventures.

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