Steps in Creating a Viral Video

The definition of viral video is quite self explanatory. It is a video that is viral by means of number of views. Its title is catchy, description amazingly inviting, production appealing, and content edgy and entertaining – overall exceptional. However, how to make a video viral is to have deep connection of what impacts society today, or what genre that most people is attracted to.

Moreover, no matter how entertaining your video might be and how viral it might get but you should adhere to your objectives why you made the video in the first place. If it is a video marketing strategy, then you would be aiming for consumers and potential buyers, furthermore, viewers to drive traffic to your site. How to achieve its status is simply getting connected to the general public’s frame of mind.

Of course, viral video has its characteristics; it is inviting, highly entertaining, excellently made with all the necessary details that a consumer can possibly ask for. To make a video viral, identify your niche and investigate what are its popular trends.

Moreover, there are also small facts to take into consideration. An average person’s attention span is as little as 8 seconds so you have to summarize your video in that small time frame. Gather all the possible information about your product and highlight all the necessary information about it. Highlight those that are interesting and that most consumers can understand and relate to.

However, if the video is lengthy, consider transitions in your video. Count in 8 seconds and place a transition in between. That is a sure fire trick to keep your viewers’ attention while viewing the video.

Furthermore, allow viewers to rate and leave comments on your video. You can also leave a comment, place a URL or HTML to let your viewers follow you, gather more information about your product and drive traffic.

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