Social Media Marketing and Video

You want a million views on YouTube. How do you start? Social media marketing isn’t limited to the most popular social sharing sites, like Twitter or Facebook. Social media marketing also encompasses the video world with YouTube at the top of the provider list.

Viral videos can help spread a message, breaking news, new product and more with a simple click. It is a proven way to quickly marketing to an inattentive demographic with massive buying power. That’s right, the 17 to 59 year old demographic of men and women now, thanks to social media, have a five second rule when it comes to marketing. If you, as a marketer, don’t WOW this demographic within five seconds, they tune out or delete your email. That’s it, opportunity to sell, engage or grow your social media following is done.

If you’re not captivating an audience with traditional email and mobile marketing outlets, try video. A video message acts as an easier vessel to deliver a hook message within five seconds and obtain this wide demographics’ attention span. Additionally, your YouTube video can be shared with millions, making it one of the cheapest ways to garter national attention outside of the mainstream media.

When you are creating a strategy for a social media marketing campaign do not forget to include video efforts. Too many people spend their time seeking large social following numbers on avenues outside of YouTube. While these efforts are great, they shouldn’t bypass the YouTube (or any viral video sharing agent) option. Most YouTube videos can be created for little to no money. They can be branded to reflect products, services, company colors, etc. Once published, you can track how video marketing using social media has improved your profits through special codes and analytic tools.

Social media marketing caters to a diverse group of consumers. However, 98% of these consumers prefer to watch a video about a subject or product versus read an email. Don’t choose one effort over the other. Instead, make sure you have all your bases covered and make sure your message is honest and accurate.

Video marketing is an amazing tool. If you’re not comfortable creating and directing your own video efforts then hire a professional company to help you. But remember don’t worry about how great your video can be produced over the idea of just producing one. See what other videos are out there gaining traction. You’ll see that they don’t need to be Hollywood Produced.

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