Quick Video Marketing & Internet Video Marketing

A picture it is said is worth a 1000 words, A video is worth a MILLION hits!

The famed J. Bill Gates, who shared his secrets to wealth and riches

i) Be an observer of the trends

ii) Be at the right place at the right time

iii) Take massive immediate action!

And recently, he added the following

iv) There are two types of business, those that are online and those that are out of business!

YouTube, Google, Yahoo & MySpace are part of the trend, they are web 2.0, they are also video sharing sites and they are part of the famed social media/social marketing trend!

Should you include Video Marketing your marketing arsenal?

If I have to answer that question, clearly you in the wrong place! Do not even think about excluding video marketing. Internet Video Marketing gives you the option to supercharge your marketing efforts as it allows you to reach 500,000+. Ever heard of virology? Well as usual I must turn to my trusted friend Wikipedia: The term viral video refers to video clip content which gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or IM messages, blogs and other media sharing websites.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau indicates that more than 50% of the US population will watch video online in 2008. That is approximately 155.2 million people. TRAFFIC, FREE MLM LEADS, SALES!

Armed with this knowledge, it appears that online video sharing and internet video marketing your is clearly one of the best venues in which to engage an audience of your peers and target market! Most people you meet are going to be audio-visual learners. They need to see and hear in order to get the message. Free video allows you multilevel (no pun intended) communication, your platforms include visual imagery, spoken word, visual text and music! As you can see the possibilities are endless. How? Through free video sharing websites, you guessed it YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo and many others!

YOUTUBE – MYSPACE…How do I reach The Masses?

The hype of video sharing sites is related to the word “FREE!”

Yes it is free to upload your video using the many video sharing sites…that just about it. REMEMBER Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could…The trick, the art form here lies in being able to reach your is having the correct video marketing tools, the right target market/audience i.e., know who you market your video to and then getting people to share your video – a concept commonly referred to as video viral marketing!

I am going to be kind to you and help you out a bit some of the best marketing video concepts!

Creating a video is a composite function of four interrelated parts, which add up to 100. These parts are Content, Metatags, Thumbnails and Promotion! The aforementioned interrelated parts are integral in assisting you to communicate your message so that is has reach – this is the essence of virology!

50% Content = Content is the basic story line (your subject matter). It is your message. Content answers the question what do you want your audience to know? What action if any do you want them to take. Along with content, there is Production. Production involves style, lighting, graphics you know the fun Hollywood stuff!,

15% MetaTags = Silly annoying techie language for something so simple! Metatags include the text title of your masterpiece, your very valuable keywords, descriptions, and categories that help people find your video. In other words if I do not bother to watch the video, can I still get the gist of your message or do I need a cryptic decoder?

20% Thumbnail = Thumbnail refers to visual merchandising. It is the art of window dressing that draws you into your favorite clothing store, where you drop the bucks you swore you didn’t have in the first place! Catch my drift? So it is the packaging which, draws people in when displayed on the page! It tells the story about your video and continues the process of virology!

15% Promotion = Well for lack of a better term…it refers to getting the word out a.k.a marketing. But reach itself is insufficient. Your message must create an emotional connection with your target audience. WHY? It is your call to action! And what does this accomplish? Well when people act, products are move off the shelves and as such millionaires and billionaires are born. Careers are launched and well the world goes round, but sadly the price of oil stays the same…oh well! It falls upon you my friend to motivate your viewers to pass the videos to other like minded people!!!!! Viral Marketing rocks when done well!

Video Marketing allows you access and reach to a mammoth audience, with little or no investment. Done correctly, the results are phenomenal! Statistics indicate, according to comScore, in July of 2007 Americans watched 9 billion online videos.

Now before you jump off and start uploading videos on YouTube remember, the key isn’t so much making a video…you need to define your target market. Viral marketing is no easy feat. So how do you compel your viewers to watch and send?

Quick Video Marketing – A Video Is Worth A Million Hits!

Okay I know you are sitting there going great stuff! Of course! But you are wondering to yourself how in the world do implement all these strategies and make sure that I get it right?

Well You could what I did,

1.Read e-book after e-book after e-book!

  1. Trial and Error
  2. Copy and Paste without really knowing what you are doing or what things means…or
  3. You can pay through the nose, it would cost you an arm and a leg, but you can get someone to do it for you and hope for the best.
  4. You can and I highly recommend that you learn from the Experts!

One of the best systems that i recently encountered, is a true genius operation. The information is vital to anyone’s’ video marketing success. BUT more importantly, you get to walk step by step with Online video marketing experts!

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn:

a) Quick Video Marketing Theory and Outline

b) Creating, Editing and posting a Video

c) Generating Massive Views ( I know we all want this)

d) Auto Responders /Capture Pages/Click Bank

e) Search Engine Optimization (ok talk about those SEO consultations that cost $1000-$1500/hour and you have not got into the actual SEO part first!)

f) Blogging for SEO and inevitably for cash

AND much much much more…What are you waiting for? You could be the next viral video phenom. but not just by sitting there!

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