How to Make a Popular Video

Imagine you made a video and posted it online. Next thing you know, it is a very big hit and people can’t stop talking about it. If you are making a video to market a product or just become a celebrity online, you need to rate your video on a scale of 1-10. This step is very important because you need to actually see your video as the viewer and rate it as a critic. A boring video is easily forgettable, and the sad part is people might not even stick around to watch the ending.

A professional video marketer will tell you to always edit your video. This is even common in the movie production. When movies are shot, they can be up to three hours long. But once it is edited, it is cut down to an hour and thirty minutes. When you shoot a video, don’t automatically post it online. Always go over it and edit your video by cutting out the useless parts to make it a what I call “to the point” video. If you don’t have a video editing software, download windows movie maker.

When speaking in your video, make sure it is easy to understand. If you have a very rough accent, you can add subtitle’s.

When uploading your video on sites like YouTube, make sure your title is very catchy so people will check it out. If your promoting a product, don’t make your title a sales pitch because people will know it is another advertisement and they won’t click on it. Use your left side of the brain to turn on the creative thoughts and come up with a very professional title that people can’t pass by.

Adding a description and keywords is also very important. When adding your description, what you said in your video, put in the description box. For the keywords, choose the keywords that best suit your video. Don’t put a keyword that has nothing to do your video. Make sure the category is also right. If you make a music video, and put it in the category of educational, you might not get any views.

If you follow my tips above, you will have an easy time publishing and getting views. I am not saying you will get lots of views, that is all up to you. The most important part is your video. If your video is very educational and gives an answer to what people are looking for, than you will get lots of views on your video.

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Most Watched YouTube Videos

The most watched YouTube videos are from every aspect of video imagination possible. We must realize that a video is nothing more than a captured moment in time, preserved for the viewing of others later. The ability to capture rare and otherwise unusual moments in our lives and the lives of others is priceless. Having a venue like YouTube in which to share these moments in time, and the constant updating in real time, is nothing short of fun and free entertainment.

The most watched YouTube videos ranges from backyard entertainment to political snafus to animal life to business advertising gone wrong. You never know what will end up on YouTube and the most watched video on YouTube is always changing depending on how well it is formatted and advertised.

In order to get a video on the most watched YouTube videos list, you have to always be ready with your video camera and find the most outrageous moments in time to capture on video. From weddings to outdoor human antics you must be vigilant with your trusty video camera, willing to spend extra money on useless film and wasted time, but eventually you’ll get that special moment captured on video.

Trying to get your video in the most watched YouTube videos rankings is tough, since the world is always watching and posting their videos as well. YouTube is not restricted to any area of the world, so know that when you’ve ranked as one of the most watched YouTube videos, you definitely have arrived as a popular videographer.

There is a saying that holds very true; there are doers and there are talkers, but they left out an important part to that saying. There are also watchers. In order to talk about something or somebody there had to be doers in the first place, but to capture this event of film is for the most watched YouTube videos for all to watch.

With the vast categories of video clips, you can literally spend a lot of time searching for the videos you really want to see. Be sure when you are on YouTube that you specify the topic as accurately as possible in order to get to a video that you are looking for. YouTube lists their videos in the actual wording of the video poster’s title, so it may take a time or two to get to the specific video.

If you are wanting to get your video ranked as one of the most watched YouTube videos, you really need to advertise it elsewhere on the web and direct traffic to it from outside of YouTube and then let YouTube do the rest.

To view or should I say watch, a quick run through of the most watched Youtube videos, we’ve captured this all in one place. Take a few minutes to see how many you may have seen already and don’t miss the moments that escaped you when it first occurred.

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The Importance of Positivity in Viral Videos

Viral videos are everywhere, even on the news. They cover a wide variety of content, but they are usually emotionally charged. Studies have shown that viral content is actually somewhat predictable in nature because it is not, to the surprise of many, entirely random or accidental. Viral videos can be engineered, especially by skilled video production companies.

So how do we begin to create a viral video? It’s best to start with a positive overall emotional content. Virality is largely based on emotional action responses, which cause us to feel strongly that we should share content. Happiness, awe, shock, anxiety, and anger provide us with some of the strongest desires to act, which translates to online sharing and redistribution.

What We Share Reflects on Us

The videos we share tend to reflect something about ourselves, and on a subconscious level, everyone understands that. By sharing positive, heartwarming videos, we present ourselves to others as upbeat, happy, caring people who want others to feel good about themselves or the world. Positive videos are statistically a larger portion of the viral market, especially if you include videos about babies and animals.

Negative videos cause us to feel poorly about ourselves and reflect poorly on us when we share them, which is why negative videos have a more difficult time going viral than positive ones. The only “negative” videos that do manage to go viral produce a strong “action” response: usually anger, shock or anxiety. We feel a strong urge to have others help us or support us in these scenarios, which causes sharing.

The Importance of Product Perception

Since strong emotional response is the best way to get your video shared, you have two options as a company: you can go positive or negative. Going positive for your viral video will do several things for you, including engineering a positive association with your company or product. A more negative campaign, however, can turn on you, thanks to involuntary association: human psychology generally reassigns negative attributes to their source instead of to their target. Instead of accidentally creating negative sentiments for your company with a derogatory viral video, play it safe and have your viral video be one with a positive message.

How to Use This Information

You can use this knowledge to have powerful viral videos created for your product. When creating video content for social media distribution, keep the overall emotional sentiment of the content in mind. Your videos will have a significantly better distribution rate if they are positive and upbeat. This can be difficult to do with many products or services, so you should consider consulting with a professional video production company to create the best possible emotional content for your video. Even simple changes can help to create a more positive atmosphere for your video, and a talented video production company will have the aptitude to properly craft your video to embrace every possible opportunity.

Danny Gonzales is the owner of Optimum Productions, an Atlanta video production company. Founded in 2007, Optimum Productions is a full service Atlanta video production company which has produced a wide variety of creative, compelling content, including corporate overviews, training videos, commercials, viral videos, and many more.

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