Tips in Using Viral YouTube Videos to Direct More Free Traffic to Your Business Website

There are various traffic generating websites that you may subscribe to, in an effort to increase the amount of free traffic that your business website enjoys. There is no doubt that the use of these traffic sources will be of benefit to you when you start a home based business, for they will help you get more visitors, thus increasing the possibilities of sales.

However, when it comes to generating more traffic towards your business website, the fact remains that the only the most entertaining and informative forms of marketing give the best result. This is the main reason why various social networking sites have come to evolve into indispensable marketing tools, as far as online businesses are concerned. Various network marketing tips have come to target the use of websites like Twitter and Facebook to advertise certain products and services.

But owing to the fact that it allows users to upload and send out highly entertaining and usable content, there is no doubt that YouTube has become one of the most effective sites that home based business owners may use to direct more free traffic to their main sites. There are various network marketing tricks that the experts of the field have specifically developed for this site, in an effort to help online business owners boost their sales and profit margins. Even better, using these tricks on the viral videos that you upload to your business website will allow you to reap the same benefits as well.

First and foremost, make sure that you use your video’s description box efficiently and effectively. Generating free traffic through a video highly relies on giving the audience an idea of how they may benefit from watching the video. After all, this is the best way through which you may convince them to click the play button. The secret to generating steady YouTube traffic lies in supplementing every video that you upload with an informative and descriptive piece about the video. Use the description bow to attract people to watch your viral video and to, ultimately, avail of your offers and services.

Ensure that all the viral videos that you upload has certain relevance among one another. Even better, make sure that you provide your viewers with a way to chance upon your other uploads after they watch your video. Generating free traffic, both to your site and to the rest of your business’ YouTube profile, can be as easy as placing a clickable link on the page of the viral video. This way, your viewers will be able to find out more about your offers and the rest of your business with just one click.

Keep in mind that the main goal of uploading viral videos to direct free traffic to your business website is only a part of an over-all network marketing plan. With this said, it is imperative that you supplement your viral efforts with the use of the best MLM leads, to ensure that word about your products reach as many people as possible.

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How to Make and Market a Viral Video

Let’s start by defining what exactly a viral video is. Viral videos gain almost instant popularity. They all have some form of brand/self promotion and extremely high entertainment value. Remember people surf the net for two reasons: to solve a problem or be entertained. If your video can solve a problem and entertain the masses simultaneously…you’re VIRAL!

Benchmarks of a viral video.

Keep it short 15-90 seconds, 15-30 seconds is ideal.

Allow the video to be easily remixed. DO NOT advertise.

Create shock value.

If you have a call to action in your video, make sure your link is the first thing in the description.

I recommend making 3-5 videos, and bringing in a group of friends to do a “focus group.” Have the focus group determine which of the 3-5 videos was the best and, specifically, how well it met these traits below. Unique Funny Stupid Dangerous Strange/Weird Gross Worth talking about

Once you’ve produced a video, how do we make it go viral? It is NOT easy and requires consistent promotion.

Video Syndication Strategy

Upload your video to TubeMogul, the power of TubeMogul is that it allows you to upload your video to Myspace, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Metacafe, Blip.Tv, Daily Motion, and Veoh. Then you can monitor your its performance all from one dashboard.

On YouTube find videos that are relevant to yours and submit your video as a response to it.

Promote it on social networks because that’s where it’s going to go viral.

Find discussion boards that are relevant to your video and submit it as a post.

Submit your it to StumbleUpon in the YouTube video section.

Submit your it to Fark, and BigBoards.

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Online Marketing With Viral Video

Many people are trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of YouTube with ‘me too’ clones. Everyday a new video site is launched and the overwhelming majority of these sites fail quickly. Why? It’s simple. They have no solid marketing plan and YouTube has far too much momentum to ever catch up. When YouTube launched they were the first of their breed which generated its own buzz and users flocked to the service. Now people are used to web-video and YouTube is in the collective consciousness-a household name. Muscling in and getting a piece of the action is going to be difficult.

There are three potential ways to find success with a YouTube clone:

1: Buy Your Way In:

Plunk down a tidy sum of money and engage in a marketing blitz. This will likely take huge resources and with YouTube dominating the market getting a piece of that pie is going to be next to impossible. But this is a legitimate way to go and other venture capital backed video communities are doing just that. But it will take raising millions of dollars and marketing wisely.

2: Find A Niche:

Instead of launching an exact YouTube replica find a way to do it better, do it slightly differently through enhanced or unique features and services or find a niche. A niche could be rap videos, biker videos, sailing videos, you get the idea. Instead of being a generalized video site, drill into a niche and dominate it. You will not get the large traffic numbers YouTube enjoys, but you will likely find a steady stream of targeted traffic and your site will make money.

3: Tap Into The Webmaster Traffic Community

There is a huge network of entertainment websites and these webmasters have essentially banded together to share traffic. What they have on YouTube is they present the viral video cream of the crop. Instead of the user having to sift through the massive library at YouTube to find the best videos, these sites take away that step and present only the best. Filtering has been done for the user which is the attractor to these sites. As a video webmaster you can partner with these sites and start sharing traffic immediately.

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Viral Marketing – The Power of YouTube

With YouTube being one of the fastest growing websites with millions of visitors a day, it’s little wonder why thousands of webmasters are taking advantage of it’s exploding traffic and labeling it as the number one website for viral marketing.

Creating a video is much easier than many have been made to believe. All that’s required is a basic video camera, a computer and an internet connection — editing software is included in your operating system (either Mac or Windows) as standard. Very little editing knowledge is needed to create a half decent video with professional values (text overlays, credits, transitions etc.)

The most important aspect in viral marketing is to create something unique. Unfortunately, there’s little room for improving on ideas that have already been done, so a unique video is crucial. Your video will still receive some traffic if it’s based on an existing video, but there’s very little chance that it’ll be featured and/or shared amongst users.

If you plan on generating traffic to your website from your video, it’s extremely important to include the website’s URL in the video itself. Having it prominently displayed before, during and after the video will ensure that a large majority of video views will result in hits to your website. You’ll also benefit from users viewing your website “off YouTube” (where a webmaster has embedded your video on their site).

A large majority of your video views will originate from search engine queries, so remember to properly optimize your video’s description and tags. YouTube’s high Google PageRank means that the keywords you target will have a greater chance of landing on the front page of results — a little keyword research will do wonders for your overall views and traffic.

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How to Create a Viral Marketing Video

Have you seen the video of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent”? Who hasn’t? Based on the number of views on YouTube, it seems like everyone in the entire world has seen it at least once. For a few weeks there, people were forwarding the link to everyone they knew. That is a viral marketing video at work.

You may ask what the video was marketing, and at first it wasn’t marketing anything at all. But, in the end, it made money for a lot of people. First of all, Susan herself! Susan is now world-famous, where before the video came out, she was simply somewhat famous in England. Now she is known around the world and no doubt her first CD will sell millions, simply based on that one viral marketing video.

The company that produces “Britain’s Got Talent” made a lot of money off of that video by increasing viewership both in Britain and in America on “America’s Got Talent”. So, the BBC in England, and NBC in the United States both saw additional revenue because of that one performance.

You don’t have to be a singer like Susan to create a viral marketing video, but you do need to have a “hook” that will get people to watch your video and get people to forward it. The best tool I have found so far is YouTube Secret Weapon. It helps you create an enticing video, get it launched, and start driving traffic to it right away. Of course, you won’t be the next Susan Boyle, but by bringing in just a few more visitors a day to your website, you may see a spike in your profit. Just by using YouTube, the world’s largest free video marketplace, you can create traffic that will want to see what you are selling.

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