How To Make Your Online Videos Go Viral

Make Sure Your Online Videos Are Interesting

First of all, keep the online videos interesting. They really need to grab the viewers attention and be either provocative or very entertaining even funny, to induce viewers to pass them on to other people.

The reason any video goes viral and gets spread widely is that people find it so interesting that they want many others to see it. To understand how to present your online videos you should check out how to optimize your videos.

If they watch your video and kind of shrug their shoulders, it won’t go anywhere.

Your Online Videos Should Be Short But Informative

Also keep in mind the fact that people don’t have a lot of time these days, and are constantly flitting from place to place online. You always need to be mindful that the attention span of your views are usually short, so keep the videos short too. Two to five minutes is probably the optimum length, with five minutes already inching toward the “too long” end of the spectrum.

If the video does edge in the longer direction, be sure to make the start of the video as interesting and entertaining as you can, or your viewers may not decide to stay long enough to see the end.

The More Online Videos You Create The Better Response You Will Get…

Also try to create more than one video if you can. Remember that tastes differ, and nobody can really know which videos are going to go viral and which aren’t. You may think your one sole video is the most fascinating thing around, but if you don’t have enough people agreeing with you, again, the thing will just sit there.

If you’ve got a few different videos uploaded, the chances are better that at least one or two of them may take off and start spreading like wildfire. You can learn from those, and maybe pick up a few tips about what people like, to use next time.

Don’t Over Promote With Online Videos

You need to be wary of how much promotional content you put into the video clips. If people feel like they’re being marketed to, they’ll be much less likely to click through to your business website.

If they watch these viral videos and are basically entertained and don’t feel that there is a sales pitch or overly promotional message, they’ll be much more receptive and friendly when they click to your site as well as open to the information you want to present to them on your site.

Because these online videos are meant to be entertaining and to be passed on, it’s also important to put them onto sites where people can share them with their social networks. Put them on sites such as MySpace and Facebook, YouTube and other social media that have “Share” buttons or other ways to link from place to place.

This is where software like Easy Video Player 2.0 comes in to play allowing you to add all these social functions to any video you create, and even right on your own video blog.

It’s possible to draw people in and have them consider your brand or services without necessarily attacking them with incessant advertising. If you use online videos to entertain and intrigue people, many of them will feel much more kindly toward you than if they get the impression they need to fend off a sales pitch.

These videos can encourage them to come to your website voluntarily, looking to see what else you have to offer. So online videos can be one of the effective tools in your general marketing strategy.

Video Marketing is no longer something for all the tech minded people especially with so many advancements in video marketing today, anyone can start producing their own online videos to sell their products or services.

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