How to Get More Views to Your Online Videos

When you make videos that you upload to the internet, you want people to watch them. It’s a bit disappointing to work on a video, upload it, and realize that no one is watching them at all. There are some things that you can do that will help you get more views on your videos that you put online.

With many video sites like YouTube, you can make your video a video responses. This means that you essentially “comment” with your video to another one. It’s best to find one that has thousands of views that you do this with. Then each day you will receive views from the popular one getting more views to your own.

Use a full description that describes your video in detail. When people are searching for videos online, some of the words that you use in this description will be found during those searches. This leads to more views.

Tags are also important. Some people put every unrelated word they can think of in the tag to try to increase views. This is not a good technique. Think up as many related words to your video as possible and fill up that tag space with these types of words. The more you use typically the more views you will get.

Try to get subscribers to your channels. When you have hundreds of subscribers, it’s not that hard to get more views on everything that you upload since you essentially have an audience watching what you are putting on the internet.

You more sites than just YouTube. Get accounts with three or four other popular video sites. The more you use, the more views that video is going to get in the long run.

Realize that certain topics aren’t going to get millions of views. If there isn’t an interest there is nothing that you can do about it.

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