How to Get Higher Views on YouTube

Video is the modern tool used by companies in promoting their products and services. The popularity of video has reached almost every corner of the world. Try to have a usual search in Google and you will see that YouTube will appear on the first page of the results. YouTube is one of the most used video site nowadays and people are aiming to get higher views for every uploaded video. This is one excellent proof of what I am trying to convey to you.

Why do you upload a video in YouTube? Your main objective in uploading your video in YouTube is for the public to have a view on it and for them to be able to respond to the message your video. I have listed the necessary optimization guidelines that will help you increase the views and responses to your video. Before we proceed with the guidelines, I would like to stress out the three basic things that YouTube search engine are using to identify the level of your video for a particular video. These include the TITLE of your video, DESCRIPTION of your video and TAGS used in your video. YouTube is not responsible for incorrect information that they will receive when you upload your video. This means that “you” are the one responsible for the success of your video.

Let us start with this simple guide.

  1. Unique Title

Make sure to research the keywords related to your video as this will be your basis in creating a unique title. You can even do the research in YouTube site by checking out the keywords and titles used by related videos which have already acquired a high number of views.

  1. Persuasive and Concise Description

Similar with the title of your video, use of keywords is very important in creating your description. Remember to use descriptions that can easily grab the attention of viewers. Looking for an interesting keyword is neither easy nor difficult. Just try to think of something that is most searched and a good keyword will definitely prompt your mind. Description is also our usual place for links.

  1. Accurate Tags

Tags are used to explain the content of the video. This can be a word or a phrase. It would be best if you use layman terms in your tags as people who are not technically inclined will not be familiar with technical terms. Think of a word or phrases that will aim to target the entire market.

Other Important Factors

Another interesting thing is the choice of thumbnail. You have to choose a thumbnail that will elicit a response. Though this is not directly related to your ranking within the search result, thumbnails are still helpful in convincing viewers to click on your video. It is also important to place your video on the right category as some viewers are particular when they do they search.

As I share this information with you, I am hoping that you will make the most out of it. Making the most out of this article means that you combine a good video and act upon your responsibility in providing an excellent and interesting title, description and tags! Following this guideline and being involved in forums and other videos will definitely get higher views and be successful in the world of YouTube!

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