How to Create a Viral Marketing Video

Have you seen the video of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent”? Who hasn’t? Based on the number of views on YouTube, it seems like everyone in the entire world has seen it at least once. For a few weeks there, people were forwarding the link to everyone they knew. That is a viral marketing video at work.

You may ask what the video was marketing, and at first it wasn’t marketing anything at all. But, in the end, it made money for a lot of people. First of all, Susan herself! Susan is now world-famous, where before the video came out, she was simply somewhat famous in England. Now she is known around the world and no doubt her first CD will sell millions, simply based on that one viral marketing video.

The company that produces “Britain’s Got Talent” made a lot of money off of that video by increasing viewership both in Britain and in America on “America’s Got Talent”. So, the BBC in England, and NBC in the United States both saw additional revenue because of that one performance.

You don’t have to be a singer like Susan to create a viral marketing video, but you do need to have a “hook” that will get people to watch your video and get people to forward it. The best tool I have found so far is YouTube Secret Weapon. It helps you create an enticing video, get it launched, and start driving traffic to it right away. Of course, you won’t be the next Susan Boyle, but by bringing in just a few more visitors a day to your website, you may see a spike in your profit. Just by using YouTube, the world’s largest free video marketplace, you can create traffic that will want to see what you are selling.

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