Easy Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is fast approaching becoming a common part of our Internet marketing efforts. If this statement is not true for your Internet business you need to reevaluate a few things.

Here is an easy video marketing strategy any Internet marketer can use to build their business using other people’s videos. To do this you need to understand two things.

  1. First of all you need to have a blog of your own. This makes sense even if you are not going to do video marketing in any way.

A blog allows you to compete on a level playing field on the Internet today. Virtually every successful Internet marketer online uses a blog in some way.

Even Internet marketers who do primarily paid advertising are using a blog as an additional source of traffic and revenue. They are also using videos on their blog.

  1. You do not have to create your own videos to have the benefit that video marketing can offer you. For example You Tube offers videos that you can copy the code for and place directly on your blog.

This is a way to enhance the appearance of your blog and make it more attractive to your blog visitor. Even though you did not create the video you can benefit from it.

Adding videos to your blog helps build your credibility which can lead to more sales for you. Plus using video marketing this way is easy because you can see what the most popular videos are before you even add them to your blog.

Bill Bettler

Money On Command

Bill Bettler has been in sales and marketing for over 13 years. He currently makes a Full Time Living as Owner of Money On Command, an Internet Marketing and Direct Sales Company. He brings a fresh and innovative approach that’s based on the principle of “Attraction Based Marketing”. Born and raised in New York, Bill was previously co-owner of a Mortgage Lending company. Visit At:

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