7 Steps To Viral Video Success

Having the capacity to draw a colossal number of visitors to a website is an ongoing concern for most site owners. In this day and age of the internet, getting out viable content expeditiously and effectively is critical. Typically, videos are the format of choice for internet surfers. Therefore the odds of going viral are improved if you focus on creating a video blog. If you want to be the owner of the next viral video sensation here are seven shortcuts you can use to improve your chances of success:

  1. Catchy Headlines- This is one of the most important elements in video marketing. When creating the headline think about what may attract your audience. Since this is what potential readers will see before accessing the content, it’s imperative to create a catchy headline. Once you’ve garnered their attention, let the video do the rest.
  2. The more videos the better – Basically, the more videos you
    produce, the greater your chances are of having your video spread rapidly via the internet. It’s sort of like playing the lottery.
  3. Make videos that are funny – People will watch and share videos they find entertaining. Making people laugh is the easiest way to entertain them. Therefore funny videos are often the ones that goes viral most frequently. Among the most popular are those featuring babies and young children doing and saying funny things, people lip-syncing and anything having to do with cute animals.
  4. Target your fan base – The internet’s ability to find specific niches of interest quickly means that there are a lot of fans out there for whatever you are selling. If you give them content that feeds their curiosity, they are going to be more likely to pass it along to their contacts.
  5. Parody and satire sell – One of the most basic comic tools is to make fun of something that “jabs” at itself. You can connect with the audience and entertain them using parody and satire. On YouTube, weird is revered. If it’s appropriate for your business, come up with a video that is wacky yet fascinating.
  6. People love gimmicks – Time lapse, stop motion and miniature techniques make some of the most interesting and most popular viral videos. By packaging your message in some sort of gimmick, you can broad its appeal.
  7. Memes’ the word – Memes are the quirky internet sensations that’s currently spreading like wildfire. Memes are similar to videos but they are created either from personal photos or meme generators. Memes can be shared on all social websites and bookmarks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.)

By being aware of what’s hot and incorporating video into what you are trying to promote you too can catch ride on the rocket of viral popularity!

Ms Gloria Walker is a business coach, social media manager and full time network marketer. Visit her at Marketing With Gloria [http://www.marketingwithgloria.com] for free training, tricks and tips for your business and personal branding.

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