6 Tips to Get YouTube Views

Creating YouTube content and uploading them on the video sharing platform is a process.

The best reward you can get for your effort is to watch as your videos attract lots of views and have the opportunity to go viral through social sharing.

Unfortunately, not many people manage to get YouTube views despite their efforts because they don’t know how.

To attract the viewership your content should be engaging and full of valuable information.

Discussed below are six tips you can use to get YouTube views and improve your online business.

Tips to Get YouTube Views

  1. Video Title Optimization

It is important to optimize your video using a catchy and relevant title.

Include the target keyword phrase in the title for SEO purposes.

You shouldn’t however overdo the title because it might keep off the same audience you are trying to lure.

  1. Optimize the Video’s Description

A video’s description gives a brief of what the video is about and is used by web surfers to weigh its relevancy to their needs.

It is also important to link back the video to your website by inserting a link below the description.

Viewers can then click on the link back to your site generating more traffic and improve your sites ranking in the search engines.

Ideally, include a keyword phrase as well, but sparingly.

  1. Optimize the Video Tags

For the best exposure, your video should not only appear in the YouTube searches, but also Google searches.

Bear in mind that these are the world’s leading search engines whose visibility can see you attract lots of views.

You can use your own tags or “suggested’ tags.

  1. Keep Creating More Videos

Uploading only one video will not help you get YouTube views.

First, viewership is best increased through subscribers.

Ask YouTubers to subscribe to your channel by consistently posting new videos.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to subscribe and share.

Remain consistent with your videos and keep them relevant to a specific niche.

  1. Get Involved in Communities

Join the YouTube community and share your experiences with other users.

Subscribe to channels, make friends, comment on videos you like or don’t like.

All this should be done with utmost adherence to YouTube terms and conditions.

  1. Get Social and Promote Your Video

You can also get YouTube views by sharing your content on social media networking sites.

Post on your wall on Facebook, share links on Twitter, Instagram and other social sites.

Tell your friends and colleagues about your work and encourage them to view and share, and even critic so that you can improve.

There is a “Share” button on YouTube’s video player for this purpose.

Most of the viral videos have been popularized through social media.

With the above strategies, you can get more YouTube views, build an audience, and attract traffic back to your website.

After a while you can even consider monetizing your content.

You can make money using YouTube because advertisers want to tap in on your viewers with their products too.

The main thing is creating a plan, following these strategies, and staying consistent to get YouTube views.

Do this and good things will happen.

Best Wishes!

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