5 Most Popular Video Marketing Ideas For Advertising Your Business

One of the most significant changes that video sharing sites like YouTube have brought to small business and corporate marketers is the proliferation of new venues that companies can now use to promote their products or services. The following is a list of the most popular and fastest growing types of video content:

  1. Commercials

Although commercials have been around since broadcast television, the difference that has occurred in advertising are the many new venues a business can now use their video assets to promote their service or products. With the advent of many new venues for commercials such as online video pre-roll, online sponsorships, in-game advertising, event sponsorships and in-theatre advertising, advertisers are becoming more selective on how they choose to spend their marketing dollars often finding a better ROI on these venues than broadcast television. An even more diverse set of advertising opportunities has occurred with mobile phones, the iPad and the newly released iPhone and Droid phone. There are even debates waging within companies whether they should create video content in-house or whether they should outsource this task to others.

  1. Viral Video

While “viral video” has become the buzz word everyone uses when they talk of online video, a video is truly viral only if it is so compelling that people want to share it via email, social media networks and other means. Viral videos should be extremely entertaining, have shock value or contain extremely meaningful and relevant content in order to be successful. Unfortunately some of the most successful viral videos have little connection to any brand or product. The “Will it Blend” Campaign by Blendtec is one of the few stars in combining compelling viral videos that have resulted in increased traffic and sales.

  1. Infomercials

Ever since 1984, when then President Reagan signed the Cable Communications Policy Act deregulating television, new cable stations eagerly peddled airtime to the highest bidder. Much of the late night to early morning broadcast hours were devoted to the long commercial format popularly known as the infomercial. This medium created many infomercial stars such as Jane Fonda, Jack La Lanne and his juicer, Dionne Warwick and George Foreman and his grills. While the infomercial format has not changed the venue has. Many marketers are using video sharing websites such as YouTube and repurposing their videos to a shorter five to 10 minute format to promote their products.

  1. Landing pages and micro sites

Video is beginning to replace or supplement text and graphics as a content element on landing pages. Landing pages are offering a more compelling call to action by using video. Many of these micro sites use video specifically for this purpose– to generate a specific activity such as signing-up for more info, filling out an opt-in form, attending an event or ordering a product.

  1. Content Marketing

This type of video content falls into a broad category that promises to show growth in development and production over the next months and years. While much of the content being created by companies to date has focused primarily on selling, more companies are realizing they can use video content to focus on solving their customer’s problems first and then associating their brand with the solution. Home Depot and Lowe’s are two market brands that have created YouTube channels that subtly promote their products and brand by answering questions regarding the home maintenance how-to’s and advice that their customers want.

Richard Sandoval has been in the graphic design business for over 20+ years and has added video editing and production to his services. He is currently owner of Rich Media Design Productions and works with corporate client and main street marketers to create dynamic graphic designs to improve their online and offline marketing with graphic design and video. For more info, you can view his Graphic and Web Design Portfolio at http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_profile.asp?individual_id=175808&.

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