4 Easy Ways To Promote Your YouTube Video

Have you just posted a new YouTube video and wondering how to promote it? Here are 4 ways on how to do it.

Participate in contests

Video contests attract a lot views; therefore, they will give you a lot of exposure which will greatly promote your video.

There are many contest sites that will not only help in promoting your video, but they will also give you an opportunity to win money and other prizes.

Some of the most popular sites that you can consider visiting are: famecast, filmaka, our stage, atom films, and zadby. To increase the chances of attracting a lot of people to your video you should ensure that your video is of great quality.

Embed the video into your blog

Do you have a popular blog? You should write a high quality blog post and embed the video into the blog. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the content on the blog is related to the content in the video. Google loves videos; therefore, when you share the video on your blog, you not only promote the video, but you also increase the ranking of your blog.

Comment on other videos

Are there popular YouTube videos in your niche? You shouldn’t view them as your challenge-you should make them your friend and take advantage of them. You should visit the popular videos and watch them to their entirety. You should then write a thorough and well researched comment and then post a link to your website.

To attract attention, it’s good to be different. For example, if people are saying how a popular video answers a lot of questions, you should talk of how the video misses some crucial information. This way people will be interested in you and they will most likely visit your video to know more about you.

Share on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are very powerful promotional tools thus you should make use of them. When it comes to Google+ and LinkedIn, you shouldn’t share the video on your profile-you should share it on the groups. For ideal results you should ensure that the video is related to the group.


These are the 4 ways in which you can promote your YouTube video. To ensure that the video isn’t banned by Google you should ensure that it complies with all the rules. For example, it should not violate copyright rules.

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