3 Tips to Creating a Viral Video

Viral marketing tips are a hot topic in internet marketing, and for good reason. There are any number of ways it can be used, from e-books to videos. Regardless of the mode, the method is flawless. Getting into viral marketing will make your company or product a household name-or at least an email one. Of all the modes for this trend, viral videos are the most successful and utilized.

In fact, nearly all viral marketing tips deal with either videos or e-books. Some of these tips are similar as with other forms of marketing, such as watching carefully the page ranks of the sites to which you submit your advertising. However, there are many tips that will apply to viral videos only, some of which are below.

  1. Make it professional.

There’s nothing worse than a video with kids playing in the background, or no sound at all. Droning or monotone speaking without background music and text without graphics is not professional or interesting.

  1. Make it memorable.

You have to give them some reason to remember your company. For months many people didn’t even realize what the cavemen were advertising-it was the cavemen they remembered. Having a memorable gimmick is definitely one of the elements of viral video creation, but you have to have a memorable product or company too.

  1. Make it irresistible.

You have to have something that people can’t help but to pass on. This requires something new and exciting, fresh and innovative, or just plain interesting and controversial. Whatever your gimmick, it needs to be something people either love or hate so much they have to pass it on to everyone they know.

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