Video Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2023

  1. Social media video advertising
    This is the major part of social media marketing. Advertising your videos on social media encourages users to follow brands on the site and discover new products. Getting creative while telling stories is the only essential thing required. You should have the perfect combination of organic and paid video content in your digital marketing strategy.
  2. User friendly video content
    User generated video has been popular on various social media platforms. Every video is different and unique in its own way.
  3. Vlogging vs blogging
    Vlogs have emerged as an excellent way of brand storytelling over time. You may find vlogs on various topics. Vlogging over YouTube and other platforms is the new blogging. Vlogging is becoming more famous through tools like Instagram TV and DIY videos, etc. You just need a video capturing instrument, like a phone or camera, a microphone, an editing software and an account on the video sharing platform, like YouTube.
  4. Interactive videos
    It can be a virtual reality or a game. You have to provide users with something to do after watching the video. Keep them engaged and maintain the connection with interactive opportunities. The link or action associated with your video should be interesting. Mention a CTA option along with your video.
  5. Creating short videos
    Users these days are very busy and have less time to invest on video marketing. So a short and appealing video can attract your target audience.
  6. Long format video
    Even though shorter videos are getting popular, but longerer format videos are also on rise. People tend to watch full length videos online specially on YouTube.
    7.Live streams
    This pandemic has halted in-person experiences and events. This has made live streams/ live videos a trend for businesses to effectively communicate with their customers. It has helped influencers, music artists, entrepreneurs, local brands and others.
  7. Educational video
    Online learning videos are in demand. Consumers prefer watching videos about a product/ service, more than reading ebooks, manuals, articles or presentations.
  8. Personal video interaction
    The credit goes to the Covid-19 pandemic for making this strategy a trend. Now more people are interacting with one another through video chat platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  9. Optimising for soundless playbacks
    Many users are watching videos without sound due to various causes, like not wanting co-workers to know what’s playing on the screen, watching video on phones in public places,etc. Captioning your videos and optimising them to play without a sound is what’s in trend and will make your video content more accessible.
  10. Searchable video
    The video you have created should be searchable on Google and other search engines.
  11. Shoppable video
    These are the short video clips which let the user click and make a purchase instantly. These videos let users buy a product/ service without leaving the video platform. These generally pop up in between Insta Stories or SnapChat from people you follow.