9 Tips on How to Make a Viral Video

  1. Be emotive
    A viral video heavily contains the element of emotion. But it doesn’t always mean that the audience will receive the video positively. Sometimes, a video can gain infamy and receive immense backlash. As a marketer, that’s obviously not what you want. So, when you plan to make a viral video, aim for humor and joy. Try to make people feel good and you’ll have a winner. Here’s one we can’t stop thinking about from Blue’s Clues’ very own Steve.

2. Share it multiple times
People generally assume that when a video goes viral, it happens organically. Many times, it can be the case. But sometimes, a video goes viral when it is boosted through advertising or promoted by various media platforms or prominent celebrities. So, don’t forget to share your video on multiple channels. Visibility is important to make something gain momentum.

3. Create shorter content
On social media, it is difficult to keep new viewers hooked for a long time. To get around limited attention spans, keep your video short and sweet. Generally, a cold audience is not interested in watching a 15-minute video, so limit yours to a few seconds or a minute.

4. Try to stay relevant
Make sure that you stay up to date with the latest trending topics, hashtags, memes, and other current events. After this, try to create content that aligns with things that are relevant. It’ll help you ride the trending wave and more people will be able to discover you and your brand. For example, when Taylor Swift released “I Bet You Think About Me” from the vault, Duolingo came out with this hilarious TikTok stanning the singer:

5. Interact more
Posting a video and then waiting for it to blow up does not always work. So, after you upload your video, stay engaged on social media, try to get it shared, monitor the engagement, and interact with the audience. When the video goes viral, you will also have to interact with different media outlets so that your content reaches more people.

6. Give more than you get
This is a general attitude that you should have while creating viral video content. Apart from staying relevant, it’s also important you make valuable videos. When you create inspiring, educational, or informative content, the audience will be more willing to like, share, and comment. This will help you build an authentic fan following. Here’s a really great video from fashion designer and YouTuber Justine Leconte that’s value-packed.

7. Keep the video format in mind
You have to make a video that is optimized to be shared on social media. This means that you have to consider the device on which the audience is viewing your content which, most of the time, is mobile phones. Another thing to consider is that most of the videos watched on social media; specifically Facebook and LinkedIn, autoplay on mute, so optimize your video accordingly and make the first few seconds enticing.

8. Add a catchy title to your video
Before you share your video on social media, do some research and find keywords relevant to your video’s content. See which ones get the most clicks per month and add them to the title of your video. For keyword research you could use Keywords.io, Ahrefs, or TubeBuddy (a tool for YouTube). This is a vital part of search engine optimization (SEO). It will optimize your title and allow the various social media platforms where you upload your video to recognize and recommend it to people. This will make the video rank well.

9. Create an appealing thumbnail
Another thing that is equally as important as the title is the thumbnail. It’s the first thing a social media user will see when they spot your video, especially if that platform has no autoplay. So, create a custom thumbnail that both suits your video and demands a click from the viewers.

5 Easy Tips On How to Make a Video Go Viral

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet
    Our attention spans are shorter now than they have ever been. This is why you should get to the point of your video early on.

Try to make your video as short as possible without missing out on the key points you’re looking to get across to your audience. The length depends on which social media platform you’re using, but as long as you keep it entertaining for the majority of your video, you’re bound to keep your viewer’s attention.

For example, TikTok only allows creators to make videos for up to 3 minutes. When you’re competing against millions of 15-second videos on an app that’s designed for users to endlessly scroll, your 3-minute video might not go viral.

  1. Have a Clear Point
    What’s the point of your video?

Are you trying to make people laugh? Do you want to inform them about a topic you’re passionate about? Do you want to share a story near and dear to your heart?

Having a niche is a great way to make sure you’re reaching a specific audience.

It also helps if you’re super passionate about your niche. Not only will your audience be able to tell, but it will make the video creation process way more fun for you.

  1. Stay Relevant
    On social media, trends come and go in a matter of days. Make sure your video is relevant to what’s going on in the news, pop culture, or internet discourse.

If you see a TikTok or YouTube trend, there’s no shame in joining in on it. Just make sure you add your own spin to it—that’s what will make you stand out from the rest.

  1. Try to be Relatable
    Viral videos heavily rely on sharing. Your viewers will share your video with their friends and family if they connect with it.

Being relatable boils down to being your raw and honest self. In the end, we’re all human and have never had a unique experience. Use that to your advantage and connect with your audience.

Do you have a specific pet peeve? Are you feeling particularly isolated and want to reflect on your feelings? Just talk to your camera like it’s your friend. People are bound to relate, find it funny, or empathize with you.

In the end, all we’re looking for is human connection.

  1. Be Consistent
    The chances of making a viral video on your first try are pretty slim.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s a perfect opportunity to find your niche and grow your audience.

Try posting on a consistent schedule multiple times a week. You’re bound to get more views if you post more frequently and consistently. And who knows, maybe the next one you post will go viral!

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8 Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Experts have dubbed video one of the most important developments in the marketing world, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Video is no longer an up-and-coming content marketing trend—it’s an integral part of many companies’ marketing plans.

In other words, video waltzed through the content marketing door, took its shoes off, and got comfortable. And it’s effective, too – including videos on your landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.

In addition, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with other people.

Video is a powerful tool for reaching and engaging your target audience.

In this post, we’ll take a look at eight things your video marketing strategy should include to take your efforts to the next level.

  1. Create a posting schedule
    Viewers expect regular content updates, so it’s important to think of your videos in terms of campaigns instead of posting videos at random. Think of stories that you can tell and break them into multiple parts, posting a new update each week.

After you’ve established the content of your videos, create a publishing schedule.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent posting schedule will encourage your audience to come back for more videos. You can also space your videos out over time and use them to lead viewers up to a big product launch or exciting announcement.

Continue to implement new campaigns according to your posting schedule to keep your audience engaged in your content.

This will also help to establish your business as a leader in your industry if you post consistent, helpful video content.

  1. Include tutorials and demos
    Want to explain how your products work?

With video marketing, you can create content that demonstrates how to use them. If someone has a question about your products or services, they can view your videos before purchasing.

For example, if I want to buy a new backpack for hiking, I can go online and check out reviews and video demos from popular brands. Then, I can better compare the features and choose the best backpack for me.

Tutorials and demos can ease customers’ concerns and help them feel confident in their decision to purchase a particular product or service.

Tell stories
If you’re like me, you love good stories—stories that reel you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Incorporating stories into your video content is a great way to improve viewer engagement. Rather than simply introducing your company, your mission, and your products, look for ways to tell stories with your videos. How does your company impact your clients?

Are you making a difference in the community?

Develop your story, and use videos to share it with your audience.

  1. Show your personality
    Your videos are a great chance to showcase your company culture. People don’t want to watch boring videos. They are more likely to watch videos that are engaging and full of personality.

Think about what sets your business apart, and highlight that in your videos.

Don’t waste time creating videos that don’t do your company justice.

  1. Incorporate customer-generated content
    People love seeing themselves in videos, so why not make your customers the stars of the show? You can encourage them to create videos while using your products and services, then post those videos to your social media profiles and website.

When people see themselves in the videos, they will likely share them with friends and family. And every time someone shares one of your videos, your brand will gain exposure in the newsfeeds of a wide audience of people.

  1. Don’t forget calls to action
    Don’t forget to include calls to action in your videos.

If you want someone to visit your website or follow you on social media, let them know. If someone is speaking in the video, they can easily instruct viewers to take a desired action. You can also include text in your videos that links to your website and encourages viewers to check it out for more information.

Customers might enjoy your video, but if they have no idea what to do after they watch it, you may be pouring time and money down the drain.

Adding a call to action is simple, and can spark conversions that may never have otherwise happened.

  1. Optimize videos with SEO content
    Did you know that Google indexes YouTube videos?

So when someone searches for your brand and a particular phrase, you have the opportunity to show up multiple times in the same search. To optimize your videos, you can include keywords in your video descriptions.

And you can add shortened links with calls to action that encourage people to visit your website or a landing page with a special offer.

You can also take advantage of YouTube’s tagging feature, which determines the relevance of your videos and groups similar videos together. This will help your video appear as a “related video” when viewers watch similar content.

  1. Evaluate success
    In order to create successful video marketing campaigns, you have to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies. Many video hosting sites include analytics and can give you an idea of how your videos are performing.

You can use these analytics to analyze metrics such as the number of times of video is played and the percentage of visitors who clicked the play button.

Additionally, you can integrate your videos on your site and monitor the results with Google Analytics. This will enable you to get the same level of insight with your videos as all of the other content on your site.

Video has gained a tremendous amount of momentum in the world of marketing, and it’s not expected to lose traction in the near future.

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