Making A Viral Video – Things To Consider

To be able to harvest the potential of web video you first need to understand the ins and outs of making a viral video. In this article I will put forward a few issues that you might consider.

First Thing First

Before beginning making a viral video you first need to reflect upon what a viral video actually is? A video can’t be viral from it’s conception, it can only have viral potential. If that potential is thoroughly taken care of then you could have a video on the web that is going wild. This potential has to be taken care of already in the conception phase. It should preferably also be taken care of in the distribution phase but this is something that I will come back to in a later article. In this one we are focusing on the conception phase because this is the most important one in today’s consumer (user) centric marketing landscape. Sure, with a lot of money you could create a viral impact with any crap. But you could never create something like the number one You Tube hit “Evolution Of Dance” by Judson Laipply. This is why you should learn to appreciate what making a viral video is all about.

Three factors and one function

When setting you budget what you should do as the producer of your masterpiece is to look at your Time, Know How and Money. You then weight these three factors against the Functionality of the video that you are about to produce. This is very important! The rule is that you can do something cheap if you have the knowledge and the time. It is also true that you can make it fast if you have the money and know how. And it’s equally true that you can make something that is great without you having the knowledge if you have money and time to spend. You can “lack in one department” so to speak. Finally you need to weight you decisions against the functionality.

The function of a viral video

Since you are making a viral video one functionality that you need to secure is the viral potential. This means that you have to have an idea regarding what will make your video viral. This is where many loose track of things when making a viral video. Let’s say you want to draw traffic to a website that you have set up to sell bathroom equipment. So you think maybe you should do a viral video that markets a few of your top sellers and also talks about how cheap you are and how fast the deliver is and something about the 30 day money back guarantee and so forth…


Remember the function of a viral video is to become viral. This is NOT a commercial video in it’s traditional sense. This is NOT about you telling you prospects that you are dependent, cheap, sell quality or anything like that. Making a viral video is not the same thing as making an ad.

Do you know why?

Ask you self this: Would you send an ad to your friends and family? I am not saying you could not ever in your life time. But how often would you actually? The incentives for the user (consumer) to spread an ad is often to weak. You need to secure the viral potential. So what to do then?

You need to ask the all important question: What’s in it for the user?

A consumer centric marketplace landscape

Why am I talking about a user instead of a consumer? Because this is how you should look upon your prospects. Yes you did this before, but you saw them as “users of your products and services”. Now we are talking about users on-line that you would like very much to interact with your message so that it gets viral. This is quite another thing all together, don’t you agree?

Now listen very closely…

Every viral success on-line, up to this day, has one thing in common. They have all been utilized by the users as social currency in some way. That’s why they became viral! The users used those videos to define them self in relation to their peers. They used them in their own identity projects and they shared them. Because it is by sharing that we all exist. In fact this is also what keeps the World Wide Web alive and kicking. Our need to define our self, and to share our discoveries, with one another.

So when Making a Viral Video consider this:

Weight money, time and know how against functionality and you might pretty soon realize that what you should spend you money on is substance i.e. the content matter.
Also never forget to answer the most important question of them all: Why would the users want to utilize this video in their own identity projects on-line?
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Tips to Increasing Your YouTube Video Views

Getting people to watch your YouTube video creations first requires you to understand why they watch videos in the first place. In the broadest sense of this, they are curious about what you have created because your title or topic has intrigued them or someone has sent it to them to take a look at which raises their curiosity level and they choose to check out your creation because of this curiosity. So knowing this, you will be wanting to employ strategies that will encourage people to share your creations and the easiest way to do this is through a “Call to Action” – ask them to share it if they like it or make it visibly easy for them to do so.

Regarding your topic, the best bandwagons to get on when creating a new video is to create something that relates to something that is currently trending. Using tools like Google Alerts helps with this, watching what people are tweeting about or posting to Pinterest or Facebook gives you insights as well. If what you are about on YouTube is general or flexible enough, you can jump on these trends and as people search voraciously online for new currently relevant content, you have a good opportunity to catch a piece of the action.

This is the kind of content that can go viral if you manage to catch the right waves. The trick is to be able to jump in ahead of the curve on a creation. Hit the early adopters/viewers who are looking to be the first kid on the block to know something and are then anxious to share their discoveries with Facebook friends, real friends, co-workers, etc. Videos of this sort are often short-lived view-wise but while they are “hot”, they fly high and fast.

Next comes the more self-serving, learning types of videos. People want to increase their knowledge in certain areas so they can be more successful themselves which can include finding ways of making more money, being better at their jobs, wanting to find new online tools to teach their children with, wanting to get to the next level in currently trending online games (overlaps with the bandwagon principle of what is trending as well). Here you can put out content that will continue to have audiences over the longer term. Your informational videos will be viewed again and again over the years by ever growing viewing bases if you have created content that is timelessly relevant. You don’t fly as high or as fast as you would by creating trending topic videos, but your growth should be steady over time as more and more people become aware of your content.

Now that you have selected the direction for the videos you wish to create, to get people to watch them you have to create quality content that people want to watch. There are several elements you need to work on to ensure this quality exists.

Entertainment Value: You need to ensure you capture their attention quickly and then keep if you are striving to reach them on an entertainment level. You have to continually throughout your video push interesting or visually appealing content at them or they will click off and go elsewhere. And this takes up front planning to achieve.

Apparent Content Value: If your goal is delivering solid knowledge improving value, you have to make sure your content is deep enough to give them real value that is actually useful to them or you will lose them as a follower – so every creation you build has to have depth. Do not put something superficial out there or you may lose them and never get them back.

Emotional Value: The very best video creations on YouTube all contain a good level of emotional value that reaches the viewer. For entertaining and/or trending videos, you want to hit certain emotional buttons in a person such as laughter, sentimentality, bonding with people, pets, children, etc., desires – such as living wealthy, living healthy, living skinny, travelling, etc. For knowledge videos, emotions include having money to pay bills, travel, retire, etc., getting more popular, famous or even noticed, solving a nagging problem – succeeding or achieving something, etc. The better you can relate emotionally to people in your creations, the more what you create will get watched.

Titles: Take time to create good titles for your creation. Don’t just create a title that is bland or just describes your content in some “vanilla” manner, try to create something that can catch a person’s eye. For example, a vanilla title for improving your website might be “Improve Your Website for SEO”; a better one would be “Get Your Website Righteous with the Google Search Engine”. The second one will catch more viewers’ eyes. Great adjectives help to improve viewing results.

Branding and Consistency: Get a theme going so people know what to expect each time you are putting out a new video. This goes for Branding as well – build a recognizable brand that people can remember and spot easily as they are surfing for content to watch. Consistency of Brand and Theme will get those that like your content to view the next release in a series. It’s also a good idea to create different playlists for your creations so that each playlist can remain consistent within a theme and new releases appear in each playlist as the next installment in the series. If someone finds a video labelled “Episode 9 – Content Title” for example and they like it, they will want to go watch episodes 1-8 also to be sure they haven’t missed anything in the series. So build well defined playlists consistent to a theme and release videos in a series – it helps get earlier videos watched and gets people anticipating the next release in the series so they can watch that also upon release.

Call to Actions: Make it easy for people to view other videos in your series. Strategically place YouTube “cards” and annotations in your creations that point people to your playlist so they can view all your related creations or to the next video in the series. Note: I like to always use the “Open in Another Window” option when adding these to give people the opportunity to finish watching the existing creation as well. This by the way, also has the added benefit of improving your per video viewing statistics.

These are just a few ideas in overview that will help you improve your video viewing statistics on YouTube. Couple these strategies with effective video promotion techniques, and your created content will get good exposure on YouTube.

About Dan Grijzenhout: Dan has lived a successful entrepreneurial career for over 30 years. He has been a consultant, entrepreneur, systems architect and developer, investor, business owner and is now an author, online course creator and teacher, sharing his years of experience and knowledge with others. Search for the name – Dan Grijzenhout – on Amazon to see his available books and e-books.

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Make Money Watching YouTube Videos

Due to the current global recession a lot of people nowadays are searching for ways on how they supplement their monthly income to be able to sustain their daily needs. A lot of people are being laid off from their work. They have to look for other methods to earn other than being a regular employee.

With this in mind, many have resorted to venturing into online businesses. Yet, there is no easy way, since a lot of online businesses have opened since the dawn of the internet way back late 1990s. And it is quite hard to compete with established sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay and ClickBank. People have to find other alternatives on how to make money without having to compete with the big websites.

So how then can we make money online without having to sell anything or display Google AdSense?

How about making money with what you do every day? Something like your hobby?

Looking at the current trends a lot of people nowadays are hooked to two kinds of sites: Social Media Sites and Video Sites.

In this Article we’ll discuss how we can make money with Video Sites, specifically YouTube.

According to in 2010 YouTube surpassed 2 Billion views per day, and it is still growing even more. Imagine a person watching at least 5 one minute video per day, with almost 6 Billion internet users, half of which are using YouTube everyday. Imagine if you could turn at least one thousand of those viewers into money making machines? That would be a lot of money huh?

So how do we convert those watchers into money making machines? There are actually two ways: First, you create your own video, then make it go viral, then post ads on your videos or links to your affiliate sites. Second, is simply to make money watching YouTube videos.

But let’s make it real, not every body is able to create videos to post to YouTube. Maybe even the one reading this don’t even know how to make a simple 30 second video clip. Despite that, everyone is watching YouTube. That is simple.

You might be wondering how anybody can make money watching YouTube. Well, if there is internet marketing, there is also video marketing. A lot people will pay cold cash for those people who can drive traffic to their videos. And that is where the money comes in.

There are lots of websites that enables you to make money watching YouTube videos, even infomercials. Although the pay is not so high, but at least, even a five year old kid can do it.

Learn more about how to Make Money Watching YouTube [] and the methods you need to know to start earning from it.

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