Video Making and Commercialism

The trend of video making is in full vogue these days. Now, each and every event is given complete coverage and equal importance like that of news bulletins. Videos and promos of dramas and even videos of the audio songs are in greater demand as compared to the audio itself. People want to see colorful videos while listening to them. So, video making has become a business for the media individuals and channels.

Every commercial company and channel is trying to produce top videos; whether it is about any place or historical event or about political issues or has been shoot as a music video of an audio song, huge budgets and heavy cast including famous actors, are involved to make a top class video.

However, there is something more which is required for the guarantee of the success of a video, that is, a story line is created and is shot on different beautiful locations and actors work enthusiastically in them as they are well paid for working in videos rather than working in a drama.

Yet there is something more to it. Best clips or scenes are picked up from the entire dramas or hit films or even from a 15 seconds commercial video and are included in the BEST CLIP category during the awards ceremonies of different channels and commercial organizations. So, actors, producers and directors are much conscious now, not only about the quantity of the work they do but also take the quality of a production into account.

But even a production made with huge budget and heavy cast are not able to attract the public due to the lack of marketing or because of poor marketing strategies. People do not watch videos if they are poorly shot or are shot in dim colors and light or discusses a boring topic or issue that is either so old that it has lost its contents’ attraction and importance for a common man or may be its so stressing that a normal working person don’t want to watch it as it can increase his tensions and anxieties instead of refreshing him for which he sits in front of the television.

Everyone wants to relax after the pressure of the whole day’s work, so it’s the place where the part of entertainment comes into existence.Infotainment is another branch of entertainment where it includes the informational and educational programs and documentaries that are helpful in educating students and for creating awareness among multiples creeds of a society about certain political and social issues.

But relaxation of mind and uplifting of mood is also necessary for a person who has worked hard throughout the day. So here comes the status of funny sitcoms and home funny videos which discusses each problem or issue in a light and funny manner, thus convincing its viewers about any problematic situation which can occur in any home, office or even on the road, plus providing entertainment as a bonus.

Therefore, the funniest videos are most popular among each age group of the viewers and are watched and credited again and again by the general public.

Commercialism has its own merits and demerits for making of videos. But it has scientifically been proved that a sound with a moving or visual effect leaves a more lasting impression on its viewer’s mind.

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Internet Video Marketing For Business

Online video is here right now, but you can be sure it will be around in the future also. Many video hosting sites will host your video content. If you intend on getting subscribers and making sales then you need to be doing internet video marketing right now.

There is no marketing more effective than video marketing. It is the fastest growing form of marketing out there and you need to start creating internet video marketing campaigns immediately.

At one time we used to watch videos online if they were displayed in web pages. These would be on informative news sites for example and provided good value for many people.

A few years ago one site came along which was a complete game changer in how we watched online video content. That site is called YouTube. It has gone from strength to strength and is now the second most popular search engine.

If you are using internet video marketing then you really must use YouTube.

Video marketing entails creating video content and distributing it all over the internet. With the advent of Google universal search it means whenever you search for something you get web pages as well as videos returned in the results.

Google thinks highly of video content now and it has become of importance to search. A few years ago YouTube was bought by Google so you can guess why video is now an important medium to the company. When using internet video marketing you need to consider search counts of keywords.

Here are some interesting statistics to consider

· There are more than one billion videos viewed on YouTube every day.

· Businesses in the UK spend more on internet advertising than they do on television advertising.

· Every minute of the day more than twenty hours of video gets loaded onto YouTube.

Using internet video marketing for business

Do you have a service or product that needs promotion? It has been proven when using internet video marketing for promotion purposes, the volume of subscribers you can obtain increases. This in turn leads to sales and more profit for you. This is because we all love to watch video rather than reading long text. Whatever you are promoting, you are likely to do it much better by using video.

The problem with sales copy is that it can be quite long. Really we just want to know what it is going to do for us and how much it will be. Otherwise we end up just reading a few points and scrolling right to the bottom to see the price. A video sales page however is more engaging and we are more likely to pay attention. This is how we should be using internet video marketing.

I’m sure you’ve come across those shopping channels on TV. Have you noticed how the seller uses clever word play to persuade people to buy? It makes you really want the item and you are tempted to call up and place an order.

The seller comes out with phrases like “Imagine how your life would be if only you had this product”. You too could use a similar tactic when trying to sell your product. You could see fast results with this approach. Are you starting to see why you should start web video production right now?

Should you plan on using internet video marketing you could convert sales copy into a video and the same persuasive words could be applied in the video itself. You will not even need a person to be present on camera.

Make money with video marketing

It’s no use having the best product around if nobody actually knows about it. For this reason alone it is worth using online video marketing in your business.

As soon as people see your website link in your video they will head over to your site. This method will help to get you more clients.

If there is an opt-in box on your site then it is possible that people will sign up. Once you have their details you can then market to them and there is a good chance they will purchase something. Some kind of subscriber list is essential even if you are using internet video marketing.

If you have created a good video and people like it then it is possible that they will want to share it. They can do this on sites such as Facebook. This will create a viral effect and your video will spread around like a virus.

Using internet video marketing social media content is highly important as your video gets accessed by millions of people worldwide. Suddenly your video is getting lots of views and your website is in turn getting lots of hits. Using internet video marketing Facebook video content will give you a lot of leverage.

Not everyone can create a viral video easily though. You need some kind of unique twist which hooks people and makes them want to share the video.

Even if you are using internet video marketing, it is worth noting that there have been many viral flops which had too much money thrown at them. It is better to keep your costs down while you are in the experimentation stage of video marketing.

Make sure you load your video up onto YouTube as this site will give you a lot of leverage due to the millions of daily visitors it gets. Search engine optimisation is an important part of using internet video marketing and YouTube gives you the chance to do SEO internet video marketing seo right up on the site itself. Optimise your video on YouTube by adding good tags, creating a keyword rich title and description.

If you want more visitors to your video then you must go and participate in the YouTube community. This involves adding comments to other videos or channels.

Pick videos that you have an interest in only and add a comment that has value. Using internet video marketing does not mean that you can go ahead and spam the community. Do this and your comment will be removed.

Think about distribution before you create the video. If you want people to share your video and create a viral effect then you need to plan out in advance what your video is going to entail.


Video content will help to drive your business forward. An engaging video sales page will get the viewer wanting to click through to your website.

If you are not doing it already then it is time to start using web video production in your marketing strategy.

If you don’t start then you are getting left behind and allowing the competition to get ahead of you.

If you are selling a product, do you want millions of people to watch your video or would you rather they watched a video from your competitors?

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