University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship and Awards for International Students

University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship is open to international students once they are eligible to apply for these awards under the scholarship’s sponsor.

Foreigner graduate students from various regions or countries irrespective of the tribe, race or continent are eligible to pertain to many of the scholarships control by the University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship Office.

These scholarships are competitive and based on educational and scholastic achievement of an applicant in addition to other criteria. It is very important to read the full details about eligibility requirements and follow the instructional application for any award you apply for.

Key Points of the Scholarship

Below are the key points of the Calgary awards and scholarships:

1. International students may apply for this scholarship subsequent to the final submission of their admission’s application form and receive a University of Calgary student number.
2. Students are ineligible for graduate awards or scholarships automatically; meanwhile, they must follow the scholarship application’s procedures very well.
3. The Calgary scholarship value varies from $1,000 to $40,000 and covers dissimilar fields of study.

Additional Awards

There are more scholarships for international students, below are the list of other available awards.

Alberta Innovates

This award is open to students conducting research in the area of Genomics, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Metabolomics, Nanotechnology, Proteomics, Regulomics or Transcriptomics.

Alber Innovates Award value: The award is worth $26,500 for Master’s program (up to 2 years) as well as $31,500 for the doctoral program (up to 4 years).

Graduate Award Competition

The Graduate Award Competition scholarships are also open to international students seeking an award. Their offer is at a value as high as $36,000. They are awarded through the annual Graduate Award Competition:

1. Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarships
2. Open Doctoral Scholarships

Special Awards

Bursaries Award

For a student to be eligible for the award he/she must have a scholastic achievement of a first-class average. They must tender the university issuing the transcripts in the previous 2 completed years of study or full-time equivalent. Only one application is to be submitted by every student. They will announce the successful applicants between April and June for various awards and scholarships.

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Points to Notice Before Applying for University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship

Foreigners may apply for the award after the final submission of their admission’s application. They will also receive the school student id. International students are not eligible for graduate awards automatically; they have to follow the scholarship application’s procedures carefully.

The scholarship worth is vary from $1,000 to $40,000 and covers variety of field of studies

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