Digital compositing is a process where we integrate images or large sequences of images from multiple sources and create a single seamless creative video. In the Indian media and film industry, we can see so many examples where this technology is applied, such as, Bahubali, Chak De India, Krish, Ra.One, 2.0 and many others. For instance, in the movie Bahubali, there is a scene of bull fight; in this scene the bull is made in 3D and the character is live human element in compositing process we have to match the move of both character and make a final scene.

What is compositing?

If you have passed your higher secondary examination (12th), then pursuing a course in composting & visual effects can be a good option. To become a Digital compositor, you have to be creative enough and must be acquainted with the VFX and compositing skills. If you are creative enough with the required skills, you can earn a very decent Salary job in the field of Digital composting

In film production, Composting has become an important step of film production. Now a days with the help of these techniques you can create unrealistic things and make them appear real. As a Compositor; you are creating 3D motion graphics or VFX. Green color Keying, blue color Keying, wire-rig removal, stereo conversion, compositing, hold out mattes, split screens, and even object or feature-based color grading are some of the techniques used in this craft.

Career Prospects

There are huge career prospects in this field of creativity and techniques. In the film industry; you can see so many Production House & news channels which make immense use of this technique. The television programs are also not to be underestimated, the field of mobile and internet although still not big enough, yet it should also see accelerated growth in the next couple of years. It is expected that digital forum will drive growth, and innovation will be the key that will be driven by creative expression.

Eligibility to become a Digital compositor

For doing specialized courses from reputed institutes, candidates must possess the qualification prescribed by the respective institutes/ colleges. Generally, Digital video editors often have a bachelor’s or an academic Degree or Diploma in animation or media arts.

One can choose a diploma, bachelors or Master program as per own suitability. There are certain formats across which you can pursue courses. Innovative thinking to create visual effect, Problem-solving capacity, etc. are some major skills required. Also, Basic knowledge of computer Software, keying removal, integration with 3d tools, experience to meet the necessities of the client, etc. can impact the journey of a person in this field.

The author is a professional writer working with the Multimedia and animation industry since 7 years. He writes articles on 3d Animation courses, multimedia and VFX (Visual Effects) Industry

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