The best people in the world are the happiest people. With laughter come the healthiest dispositions, which no one can ever achieve frowning all day long. There are many sources of fun for everyone. Some choose music as an avenue to gain positive atmosphere. Others would turn to movies and photos while most people would rather watch videos in many forms of mass media like the television, cellular phones and the Internet. Most television shows have anchored their programs on showing top videos that show life in the real score.

Most of the time, you tend to watch videos for fun. Basically, this is because videos are especially created to serve as entertainment vessel. The best clips ever shown on television and in the Internet are composed of home funny videos which are a catch of life’s unexpected events that will surely make you smile.

Moreover, the funniest videos are those that show how men deal with the forces around him with a taste of pun and humor. These are often referred to as cool videos because they reflect how we are able to come up with a way to get ourselves out of trouble.

On the other hand, weird videos and hilarious videos are those that cater to circumstances that we are faced with in either unique or humorous way. For instance, a clip on a cowboy accidentally swallowing a bug while chasing a strayed cow can be considered peculiar and exciting. Some funniest videos are also about our daily interaction with the things around us like slipping through a wet path walk.

Yet no matter how funny life may seem, there are some things that happen beyond humor like those which are caught in scary videos. These kinds of videos can either be incidental, accidental or planned. Accidental videos are most likely incidental; yet they tend be happening beyond our control. Planned scary videos are often created with scary entities that are intentional. The best clips in the horror arena are usually those that are incidental. This means that a certain scary thing sneaks into a normal event like appearance of a silhouette that resembles a spirit during a party.

Watch videos and you would be able to see life in either real or reel treatment. The greatest advantage of home funny videos compared to other programs is that these are natural and sincere. Laughter comes filling the air when you watch something that is not a dummy of reality. The best moments in life should be captured in cool videos that implicate something authentic. Weird videos however should be treated with caution because not all viewers have a flexible tang for entertainment. Some people may find these kinds of clips to be disgusting.

Lastly, let every hilarious video available be viewed by the majority to ease them with the stress of the imperfect world. As we find ways to alleviate ourselves by doomed situations like the global financial crisis, it is but advisable for us to divert some of our time viewing videos that relieve us from worries.

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