The Benefit of Correctional Education to Reduce Recidivism in Namibia

Education programmes in Namibia’s correctional facilities are aimed from being incarcerated to re-integration making education in its facilities a big-corner stone for the offenders. Correctional education is a fundamental component to rehabilitative programming offered in confinement facilities around the country.

Staff members must understand the differences between screening and diagnostic testing in order to determine the psychological and educational level of the offender, in order to effectively place offenders according to their learning abilities. These educational programmes are aimed to equip offenders with basic reading and writing skills making them possible to communicate with fellow offenders, officers and stakeholders. The Adult Education programmes in Namibian’s Correctional facilities are aimed at enabling offenders with employment opportunities once they are released. This will therefore build on their self-esteem and enhance proper rehabilitation with the help of psychologists and social workers while they are incarcerated.

The education component during incarceration plays an important role during the rehabilitation process. The Namibian Correctional Service therefore makes tremendous effort to prioritize the education of offenders through means of face – face teaching, vocational training and tertiary learning in order to equip the offenders with knowledge and skills. The role of teachers in this kind of environment is faced with many challenges, for example education might be interrupted in the interest of security. It is apparent that educational staff is faced with the ever-present challenge of finding the right balance between being a correctional officer and educationist at the same time. Teachers must find ways to motivate learners to stay focused despite their present world of confinement that can contribute to limited expectations and motivations of the learners.

Moreover, a correctional education program should strive to focus its curriculum on teaching basic skills within the context of social and decision-making skills for the benefit of the offenders more recently full-time teachers was introduced within the system offering more hours of instruction in order to ensure quality.

The opinion about Correctional facilities to the General public is a place to be scared of but least did they know what kind of activities are presented such as rehabilitation activities, education and vocational training in order for rehabilitation process to take place. Educational programs within confined areas also reduce recidivism meaning offenders not re-offending, particularly because these programs aim to impact the way an individual thinks. Various theories of learning and teaching exist on how to educate students. Although students have individual differences in the way they process information and learn, basic theories explain ways in which student learning can be maximized. The facility offered an innovative educational program that combined academic, social, and vocational aspects with other non-educational factors, such as exercising and outdoor activities. The programs help offenders develop the necessary social skills to avoid crime and addiction once they return to society. Therefore education programs create the fostering of social attitudes and instilling of temperaments that contradict the anti-social norms of confinement life.

As a result, behavioural programs have been created and implemented in order to correct criminal thinking patterns. These programs aim to restructure their thinking ability and to help create positive thinking. On the other hand, education, vocational training, has moderate effects in reducing recidivism and increasing positive behaviour. Vocational programs in correctional facilities are successful due to the fact that they provide a change from confinement routines. They also provide services for offenders after they are released and provide clear opportunities for success in life after release. These opportunities for advancement are a significant incentive for offender’s participation in vocational programs. Correctional literacy programs should address different learning styles, literacy levels, and cultures. They should be centred on the student and adapted to be applicable to confinement culture.

Through education, we begin to learn about ourselves and that is the key to its importance, self-awareness which will in turn break the cycle of recidivism. In addition, the Namibian Correctional facilities provide integrated and applicable vocational and basic academic training. It is of utmost importance that Namibia Correction Services provide correctional education programs that will be successful in the institution, with the aim of successfully re-integrate the offenders to become productive members of society once they are released.

Correctional Education do play a vital role in the rehabilitation process of the offender. This is the place where the offenders is groomed and made ready for the outside world as a fully rehabilitative person never to re-offend again. That is why correctional education is so crucial for the readiness of offenders to the outside world.

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Group Study – Advantages & Disadvantages

Nowadays with the enrichment in the education and technology, the pace of learning has been varying and proceeding. This time required skill set is including not only high grading marks but also demanding for acquiring practical knowledge with enhancing the intellectual abilities of students. Now individuals ought to open-minded approach, practical facts and clear concepts in such a competitive environment. This is the thing that can acquire fast also with studying in the group. While studying in a single room and memorizing the syllabus can help you to be intelligent but won’t able to enhance cerebral aptitudes.

When you are studying in a group and discussing several topics, you will learn from different interpretations and elucidations. Several benefits have been experienced with the group study even though every coin has its two sides which cannot be unheeded. So let’s discuss its pros and cons.

Group Study Advantages:

Better Learning and Understanding:
In the group study, students divide their subjects and topics for further discussion that makes them studying in profound from different sources. This learning method ensures in-depth subject knowledge and cross questions with explanation provides better learning and understanding.

Enhanced group discussion and communication skills:
In a group, every student get equal chance to escalate their knowledge, presentation and opinion about a particular topic with team members. This exercise helps students to set back with their introvert nature and develops group discussion and communication skill.

Bring Consistency in Study:
In the group study, every team members have to follow a particular time, subjects and topics that bring regularity in the study and avoid procrastination.

More resourceful, More reliable and More Productive:
Whilst working as a team, it is found that it raises the complete efforts to make sure of quality output. Additionally, more team members mean that more resources to study and more ideas to explore. If in case, someone missed the work due to any of reasons the study will continue with the support of other members. This indicates that the group study is more resourceful, more reliable and more productive.

Exchange of Quality Information:
Every team member has a different opinion, suggestion and ideas which are considered and thoroughly discussed before concluding any statement. This escalates smooth and effortless communication in the group ensures information exchange with maintaining quality.

New approaches, methods and perspective:
The team members in the group have their own perspective that represents a new approach and showcases alternative study method. This creates high energy environment for the study that motivates the student to study hard and grasp the best as per his/her own preferred approach.

Boosts Confidence
The regular practice of study, presentation, analysis, explanation develops an open-minded approach that boosts up the confidence. Because confidence boosts up with enhancing knowledge and skills of an individual.

We have analyzed that study groups have various advantages in their own way. This makes group study successfully however subjected to follow discipline, regularity, rules and regulations. In the failure, it leads to some disadvantages that inculcate;

1. Unnecessary Talks and Gossips:

It is difficult to create study environment, discipline and concentration without the involvement of any mentor. In a group, a small topic of fun can extend for hours and students can indulge themselves in unnecessary gossips. In this situation, it is suggested to students to restrict themselves in self-discipline and create groups only with the aim of the study.

2. Time Restriction:

If you have to study in a group, you need to schedule your time as per other team members. Sometimes, it is good as it brings regularity while sometimes it is really difficult to match up the time with others.

3. Distraction:

Some members of the group can create a distraction in one and many forms that can disturb other members too. This situation can be deal by allotting time period to study or can keep some penalty cause of explaining the most difficult section of the chapter.

4. Conflicting Topics

Every individual member of the team has his own understanding and learning style that might be not suitable for others to consider. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept others ideas and suggestion that may create internal or external conflicts among members.

5. Decision Making Takes Times

In the group, it is really difficult to conclude a single statement because of the difference in views. It is difficult to convince others for a single opinion and thus, decision-making takes times.

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What Are The Extended Features in Blue Prism Version 6?

The version 6 is capable to offer users far beyond their expectation and imagination. Everyone is free to get the results that are largely scalable when it comes to automation and this is due to the superb features present in this version. The users can simply make sure of the following.

It is possible for the adopters to simply make sure of enhanced productivity
The user experience can be enhanced upto a great extent
The V6 is capable to let the users make sure of an excellent operational agility
The workforce can be trusted in terms of intelligence, security, flexibility, as well as ease of controlling
When it comes to intelligence, there are features in this version that simply let the robots/workforce to understand the context and derive fast outcomes.
The V6 has better operational capability and the users can simply make sure of high visibility because of no other reason than this.

Additional Features In Blue Prism Version 6:

The Blue Prism aimed at making to the newer version V6 according to their realization that it needs some improvements regarding features. Therefore, the team added some new features in addition to improvements which are apparently to make users ensure to have the best experience on the tasks they are handling.

A region location is simple and has become very popular as the users can merely ensure flexibility. Along with these, customizations in regions has also taken place to a significant extent in this regard. While creating the processing, the user faces several issues regarding functionality as well as time. The same improved in the version to keep up the pace.

The extent of complexity related to these resilient processes is familiar regarding automation and also experienced a significant improvement in them. The languages used by the users to operate these tools and can extend in this new upgraded version. Now it enables to select languages other than English according to user’s requirements. To make the scope and view of Blue Prism more accessible in Japan, Japanese is added to this version.

Users can simple ensure improved analytics capability. In the same manner, it let the users to have a better metrics as well as configure ability for dashboard configuration. With these, the session information can provide to third-party monitoring systems.

This upgraded version has the capability of handling cloud deployments, and it entirely supports the AWS, as well as the Azure architecture for the same. It is all about Blue Prism previous versions. There are also significant improvements due to which many necessary sub-tasks related to Blue Prism automation can be more safely and quickly. Along with this, the version 6 is entirely user-friendly, and anyone can consider it for deploying an extensive digital workforce in an organization.

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University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship

University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship and Awards for International Students

University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship is open to international students once they are eligible to apply for these awards under the scholarship’s sponsor.

Foreigner graduate students from various regions or countries irrespective of the tribe, race or continent are eligible to pertain to many of the scholarships control by the University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship Office.

These scholarships are competitive and based on educational and scholastic achievement of an applicant in addition to other criteria. It is very important to read the full details about eligibility requirements and follow the instructional application for any award you apply for.

Key Points of the Scholarship

Below are the key points of the Calgary awards and scholarships:

1. International students may apply for this scholarship subsequent to the final submission of their admission’s application form and receive a University of Calgary student number.
2. Students are ineligible for graduate awards or scholarships automatically; meanwhile, they must follow the scholarship application’s procedures very well.
3. The Calgary scholarship value varies from $1,000 to $40,000 and covers dissimilar fields of study.

Additional Awards

There are more scholarships for international students, below are the list of other available awards.

Alberta Innovates

This award is open to students conducting research in the area of Genomics, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Metabolomics, Nanotechnology, Proteomics, Regulomics or Transcriptomics.

Alber Innovates Award value: The award is worth $26,500 for Master’s program (up to 2 years) as well as $31,500 for the doctoral program (up to 4 years).

Graduate Award Competition

The Graduate Award Competition scholarships are also open to international students seeking an award. Their offer is at a value as high as $36,000. They are awarded through the annual Graduate Award Competition:

1. Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarships
2. Open Doctoral Scholarships

Special Awards

Bursaries Award

For a student to be eligible for the award he/she must have a scholastic achievement of a first-class average. They must tender the university issuing the transcripts in the previous 2 completed years of study or full-time equivalent. Only one application is to be submitted by every student. They will announce the successful applicants between April and June for various awards and scholarships.

Thanks for reading this post; I wish you all the best. Don’t forget to share on your social media and to your friends and remember that sharing is caring.

You can read more from here: University of Calgary Graduate Scholarships []

Points to Notice Before Applying for University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship

Foreigners may apply for the award after the final submission of their admission’s application. They will also receive the school student id. International students are not eligible for graduate awards automatically; they have to follow the scholarship application’s procedures carefully.

The scholarship worth is vary from $1,000 to $40,000 and covers variety of field of studies

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The Best Kept Secrets to Making More Tips for Waiters, Bartenders, and Baristas

When it comes to a career in the service industry, no matter how short or long-lived, one of the most advantageous things you can learn to do ASAP is how to pull people’s emotional and unconscious heartstrings.

But before you think I’m some manipulative monster just trying to turn the world upside down to objectify patrons, guests, and customers for your own selfish, worldly gain- just hear me out.

If you plan on waiting tables, serving drinks, or tending bar, then you already know that the key to making money is in the extra stuff you do to stimulate all who cross your path and pull out their wallets to pay the check. Therefore, it becomes a must that you start to understand human psychology right away for not only your own benefit, but for the enjoyment of the guest as well.

There’s Nothing Selfish About Making More Tips

First, let’s get the idea that money is bad out of our heads. In these days and times of crony capitalism and rabid politicians talking out of both sides of their mouth about social programs, while selling out to big corporations to stay in office, the concept of having more as being a positive thing gets drowned out by all the social justice static.

You don’t think that’s by coincidence, do you? After all, what if most people bucked the elites attempting to program us all to accept less in life?

While the answer to that question is beyond the scope of this article, it’s important to accept that money is a means of exchange, and when people spend more, and tip more, they are merely exchanging value for value.

You provide value to a guest when you make their coffee taste great, bring that sizzling steak cooked to perfection on time to the table, and when you make that specialty cocktail that makes them do a backflip and believe that good times are here again.

When you “go the extra mile” (I know, it sounds terribly cliché), what you are doing is adding value to the guest experience, and believe it or not, most of the time humans will reciprocate more value when they perceive they themselves are receiving added value.

Examples of Adding Value to the Guest Experience

There are literally an infinite number of possibilities and ideas that you can come up with on your own to enhance the guest experience and wow them into pouring out their wallet as if they are anointing you as the new emperor of hospitality, but let’s drop a few solid ideas right here and now to get your own creative juices flowing.

1. Artistry is always appreciated.

I was once at a Starbucks in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the 2nd biggest city on the island, walking across town and having a pretty abysmal day. When I ordered my drink that day, the young ladies working behind the counter were not only super nice and polite, but when I sat down upstairs to sip my beverage I noticed a drawing on the side of the cup.

Not only was it hilarious and heartwarming to me, it really made me appreciate the cultural experience of being a guy with a strangely massive beard in a land of scarce beards having his own self-portrait scribbled with a Sharpie on the side of a plastic cup of tea. Is this how they viewed me? I felt kind of like a zoo animal, but in a good way. The resemblance was uncanny, and I have to admit I will never forget it.

2. What’s in a name?

Finding a way to use a person’s name, whether audibly or by writing it on the guest’s check, is a great way to increase the psychological closeness the guest has with you, while at the same time without being too creepy.

As human beings with feelings, we all want to be validated, even in the smallest ways. For those of us who live in a large metropolis, we may not get the deep emotional connection that people in smaller towns who see each other regularly do.

That’s why when you can call someone by their name in a kind, loving and respectful manner, they will unconsciously feel more connected and special. The hardest part is finding out their name without being too obtrusive, but I knew servers who were good at this when I waited tables. I myself would get their name from their credit card, write their name with a smiley face saying a big “Thank you!”, and then usually try to drop the check and say their name and thank them.

I regularly got 18% – 20% tips just from my style of service, and I am a pretty introverted, procedurally-minded kind of guy at the restaurant.

3. Do you want fries with that?

The practice of fast food workers asking people if they’d like fries or to upsize has no doubt made people fatter, and corporate food chains wealthier, but there’s something we can learn from this.

When you ask a guest if they’d like to add something, often times they will say no, but imagine you work at a nice restaurant and they order a steak, and then you ask if they’d like it “Oscar style” i.e. topped with jumbo lump crab meat. Now you are giving them the opportunity to have more when perhaps they were unaware they could even have a steak topping, or maybe they were unsure and just needed that extra gentle push to overcome their inner objections.

Remember, most of us are creatures of habit, and while we want to try something new and improved, we may require a little encouragement from an outside source.

Be yourself, but if you’re having a bad day, be someone else.

“Be yourself” is fine if you are having a great day, but what about when your day is a disaster and you feel like a cup of warm dishwater?

It’s simple, you “fake it ’til you make it”. Remember, we all have bad days, but just like you don’t want to be the recipient of someone’s emotional venting just because you need to send a package at FedEx, the same goes for the person patronizing your place of work.

What can you do? It’s simple, try to forget you for a while. Stop thinking about your feelings and the problems in your life and focus simply on putting on a smile (even a forced one will eventually relax into a real one), and keep the guest’s experience your top priority.

If you really want to get creative, you can come up with an alter ego like “Sasha Fierce”, the concept Beyoncé uses before she performs at a concert or big show.

The last word on making more money as a bartender, waiter, or barista

It’s easy to assume that the most successful people are extroverts, naturally charismatic, charming, and lucky, and, to a large extent, that’s true.

But even if you are a naturally quiet, shy, introverted person like me, you can still find ways to make your guest feel special and cared for, and this will logically lead to more money for you as you continue to provide the very best service to everyone who walks through your establishment’s doors.

Good luck, and here’s to you making more tips!

If you would like to learn all my secrets to making more money and tips, visit and read all my free blogs, or take a look at reviews for my Waiting Tables Video Masterclass program.

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MOOC: Get Hooked With MOOC and See Big Difference With Your Learning Journey

Moocing has been the “in” thing since the internet became a great avenue for learning, relearning and unlearning –caused by bad teachings and the like–due to indoctrination by some, miseducation by few and myriad of propaganda for selfish interest.

Today, we’re lucky to have another moocer –and camp leader as well– to share with us his experiences when mooc virus got him enthralled, and now he’s hooked with mooc!

Introduce yourself, Bryant.
I’m Bryant Bennet Dialogo Atencia, 30 years old, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Colegio De San Juan De Letran last June 11, 2019.
I’m also an ESL teacher at 51talk for 2 years, teaching different types of English including English for Early Learners, Basic Grammar, English for Travellers & Business purposes for children as young as 6 and as old as 60 years old

I’ve been also with the BPO industry for 8 years handling several accounts. The last was with Australia’s premier telecommunications company, Telstra. I’m a Customer First Champion catering to their immediate needs.

I’m an ultra- marathoner during weekends, running from different roads here in Laguna, Quezon & Batangas for almost 5 years. Reason for being a running enthusiast are the health benefits that it gives to me and the camaraderie of the running community. I’ve been part of several ultra- marathon events such as Laguna to Rizal, Laguna to Quezon, Rizal to Laguna to Quezon and other events.

How did you get into MOOC? Who introduced you to moocing?
I’ve been interested to the MOOCing world when my former professor Ms. Glen Cortezano posted the details on FACEBOOK last February. She mentioned that there’s a free international certificate from taking up courses that would enhance our skills as an educator so immediately, I messaged her and asked for the details.
What was your first MOOC? What was your impression then?
My 1’st MOOC was English for Media Literacy where I took it as LSPU LB under Ms. Glen’s supervision. I was amazed with the course itself and immediately fell in love with it so I gave my 101% in taking up that course, attended the meet-ups even it is on weekends and participated on the outreach program as one of the speakers.
So that’s how you got hooked?
After that, I asked Ms. Glen if I can be a leader as well because I felt the calling once again, to share the beauty of education, not just to my co-educators but for those who wanted to enrich their learning mind, and then she immediately said YES, I am capable, so I grabbed that opportunity and started my own MOOC CAMP Sta.Rosa.
How did the mooc virus spread from your camp to the teachers in Sta. Rosa and nearby areas?
I enjoyed giving the succeeding courses to the teachers of Sta. Rosa, both in public & private. We’ve had interesting meet-ups wherein they shared their experiences and thoughts on the courses. Most of them were enlightened by the outputs that the courses has to offer and said that the MOOC courses ignited the spirit of teaching to them once again.
Wow, good feedback from moocers! It seemed that they enjoyed learning through moocing.
Up until now, I’m pursuing every teacher that I meet as well as my colleagues to take MOOC since it gave a lot to me. I’m a type of person who wants to share the good things that God offers to us.
As camp leader, what are the great things you have been getting?
Thru MOOC Leaders Group, I was able to attend to prestigious events and presentations such as the ResCon 2019 at De La Salle Manila. MOOC enlightened my educator side and it keeps on doing it since it doesn’t stop giving learnings to us.
What are qualities one must have in order to become effective and efficient mooc camp leader?
Patience, Sir. Without this, a CAMP wouldn’t be a camp. In my experience as an ESL Teacher for 2 years, this is the most important trait to me because if you have this, everything will follow. Most of the teachers will give you excuses where in fact, you’ve educated them that the MOOC isn’t a BIG TASK that was given to them but it is a calling. If I haven’t practice this PATIENCE skills before, I wouldn’t be able to succeed in my career as an educator.
What challenges have you encountered with moocers?
There was a time sir, on the last course that we’ve just finished. Most of the teachers gave lots of excuses for the meet-up and task given to them. I still stand as a leader to them and gave them all the time & effort for them to finish the course but when the person doesn’t help his/her own self, effort from other people wouldn’t work. Thou’ we’ve faced those challenges, I still offer to them the latest MOOC Course because I wanted them to learn what I’m learning, enjoy what I’m enjoying because this is for free and both ends will benefit, them and their learners
Since moocing helped you become more productive and all, what can you do in return, as a token… or what… of gratitude?
MOOC welcomed me with open arms and in return to that, I’ll spread it to everyone for them to see the beauty of learning at your own comfort. MOOC for me is a supplement wherein it enhances me as a person, as an educator and as a Filipino citizen. Let’s grab the opportunity of having a free course that will help us to be world-class educators that will produce top class learners. “Salamat sa MOOC at nakita ko ang ganda ng edukasyon muli!”
Wow! With that, am sure a lot of teachers and non-teachers around would try massive open online courses, and be blessed as well!

Bryant Bennet D. Atencia, is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. Is pursuing Certificate courses sponsored by the US Department of State. Since 2017, he is affiliated with 51talk English International Limited as Senior Teacher B where he handled teaching English as Secondary Language for Chinese Students from 6 years old to 60 years old. He serves as Massive Online Open Course for Camp Sta.Rosa leader under the Regional English Language Office-Manila. He is an ultra-marathoner enthusiast with passion in teaching from Calamba City, Laguna.

Author is a grade school teacher, moocer and camp leader as well. Been teaching for 24 years and writes articles during his spare time.

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It’s Just A Piece of Paper!

A friend of mine got a phone call this morning. Not just any phone call. This phone call was one that she had been waiting for. It was from a potential employer. One that she had been hoping to work for. However, when she picked up the phone, the woman at the other end put a damper on her day. The woman thanked her for her application but she regretted to say that she did not get the job.

When asked to elaborate as to why my friend did not get the job, the woman stated that although it seemed that my friend has a strong work ethic, and her abilities are excellent, there was someone else who was more qualified – they had a bachelors degree in the field in which she has applied and they had more experience in the workplace.

This story has been played out time and time again over the past few weeks. It seems that the words “work at home” are equivalent to “has no experience” or “not good enough”.

Employers really need to realize that “work at home” is often times MORE of a “job” than actually going out and working for some company somewhere. We have to manage our time wisely between household chores, kids, and our home work. We have to be delegators in order to keep things from piling up. We are often “police”, keeping the peace in the household. We quite often end up “burning the midnight oil”, so to speak, so we can try to bring in that all important CASH.

As work at home moms (or dads), our days end up being 18-20 hours long. Our personal needs get put on the back burner just so we can make sure the rest of the household gets what they need. The term ‘self-employed’ takes on a whole new meaning for us. It means that maybe we won’t have time to dedicate to our livelyhood that day. But that doesn’t matter… what matters most to us is the fact that we get to spend time at home, with our families. It’s what we do, it’s what we love.

When the lack of money gets to be too much, however, many times work at home parents unfortunately need to go and look for outside employment. The government has determined that working from your home does not qualify you as being ‘needy’ any longer. You are bringing in an income. It doesn’t matter if that income varies from month to month, it doesn’t matter that you make less than minimum wage in some months. Heck, according to them, if you did make minimum wage, you WOULD qualify! Go figure! Sounds ass backwards to me. So, you can forget about any help from them. Not that you really wanted it, anyway.

Eventually, your kids begin to suffer. Food is running out. Bills begin piling up. You are in danger of losing everything you have worked so hard for. It seems that just when you thought you were getting ahead, the rug got pulled out from under you again.

Does this sound familiar? It’s a scenario that’s being played out everywhere.

So, you decide to go back to school… you figure that if you get that danged ‘piece of paper’ that everyone seems to want, things will get better. You will be able to get a good paying career (not just a job at McDonalds that doesn’t even pay the rent) and everything will work out.

So now your day is spent doing household chores, working on your business (you still haven’t given up on that), AND now you will be going to school too. Plus… you still have to find that job that’s going to bring you the income that you need to pay the rent, bills, food, etc.

Pounding the pavement, you put in applications at stores and restaurants all over town. One of them has to call you back… it’s a law of probability!

Days go by with no calls. Then, when one finally does come in, it’s just to tell you that they have looked over your application and “we’re sorry… you do not have the work experience or the qualifications that we look for in candidates for employment”.

What are you going to do? Every potential employer that you have spoken with recognizes your problem – to get work, you need experience… and you don’t have that experience. But to get that experience, you need work. You feel caught in a Catch-22!

The question is… how do you get the experience if no one will hire you BECAUSE you don’t have experience?

There is a solution… it’s not a quick fix, it is going to take at least 2 years of your life. Go back to school and get that dang piece of paper stating that you are qualified! That you don’t need experience.

In the meantime, keep at searching for that job. Don’t give up. Someone out there will recognize that you DO have skills that can be useful in the workplace. Even if it is a menial burger flipping job at McDonalds. It WILL happen!

It’s just until you get that dang piece of paper!

Michelle Hoffmann is the owner, editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine at, an online publication that is dedicated to helping marketers, new and experienced, succeed in their online businesses. She is also a mother, writer, photographer, cashier and chandler. Yes, she does it all!

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MOOC – From a MOOCer’s Perspective

As we continue our MOOC journey together, another MOOCer is our guest today to share with us his wisdom, experiences and passion about teaching, MOOCing, among other things. Well, without much ado, let’s welcome one cool educator from the Philippines, Sir Michael Mauricio!

You are a high school teacher and at the same time a college instructor, right? Could you tell the difference between high schooler and college level student, attitude wise?
Attitude wise, maturity is a big factor. We expect a college student to be more responsible, independent, able to make wiser decisions than a high schooler. This can be obviously observed during class sessions, class performances, submission of outputs and projects, and the like.
You have been into research for years, how do you rate from 1-10- where 10 being the highest- the attitude of students to research? Why?
It really depends on the group of students you are dealing with. Taking the senior high school students as an example, inclination is an important factor when doing research. In my experience, those who are in the academic strand are more interested in doing research. Seven (7) is justifiable. But for those who are in the TVL strand, it varies. For computer programming students, 8, for consumer electronics, home economics, computer system servicing, 4-5.
Products of research could be innovation, intervention programs and the like, right? What are the innovations and or intervention programs have you “realized” or should I say, actualized in the field? And what are the impacts of such so far?
My research interests include mobile learning or m-learning, mobile assisted language learning, and learning autonomy. As an advocate of mobile integrated learning, I’ve seen how important it is to investigate on this area because I have learned from a lot of teachers I have interviewed how they perceived and were able to potentially use these promising devices to improve students’ learning outcomes. With the present take and stand of the “gods and goddesses” in the Department about these emerging devices which I consider as low-resource materials for teaching and learning, it strongly drives me to let them realize the inevitable future of education with the presence of these complex and promising devices for learning in-class and out-of-class.
A researcher’s journey can either be challenging or what, right? So what have you experienced which could be memorable or meaningful to you as one dead-serious about the rigor of it?
Metaphorically, doing research is like travelling by train. Unlike other modes of transportation which are mainly about getting from point A to point B, what makes the journey memorable and meaningful is the ride where you get to meet new people, see scenic places, make friends, establish connections, and build communities. In every station that you pass through you receive awards and experience small victories which are worth celebrating. Because of research, I was able to travel and to present my works locally and internationally, met big names, made friends, and built networks.
I heard you have been into massive open online courses or simply known as MOOCs, how did you get the virus of moocing a difference? Who initiated you to it?
I was just curious before about some FB posts of my classmate in masters which were about the “free” online course. Out of curiosity, I have personally messaged her and inquired about it. Because of her enticing invitation, I decided to try it. She told me to personally message Mr. Albert Navarra, a common friend who is also a graduate student of Philippine Normal University. Because I work in Bulacan, I was referred to a MOOC leader in the person of Ms. Alyanna Mae Lazaro Capiral. Because of my positive experiences in the first course I have taken, I continued taking other courses. I have already considered it a stress-relieving activity where you get to be productive for an hour or two in a day. In my experience, what’s really nice about MOOCing is that I was able to see meet passionate educators who selflessly offer their help for those who are eager to learn and improve professionally.
Could you tell your most challenging experience with moocing? Do tell.
With the workload I have in school added to my responsibilities as a graduate student, making time for the ‘course” including meet-ups and LAC sessions is the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced as a MOOCer.
How many courses have you taken up and what did you learn from those?
I was able to finish three courses: Professional Development for Teacher Trainers, English for Media Literacy, and Content-based Instruction. In general, I have learned much about content and pedagogy. With those three amazing courses, I was able to review some of the “somewhat forgotten” concepts and constructs in teaching. In addition, it also helped me crafting lessons relevant to our technology-driven learners.
How important professional development is to an educator? Expound on that.
As they say, “Learning ends in grave.” Every day is a brand new day. For an educator “new things” always come his or her way. We should not only be ready to learn new things, we must be willing to learn them. I always end my talks with this statement, we can no longer TEACH the way we learn YESTERDAY but we have to LEARN how to teach TODAY. Professional development is a maintenance medicine an educator must never forget to take.
Aside from moocing, doing research and teaching, what other hats are you wearing?
I consider serving people as one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve been doing. Through volunteering in community outreach programs, I have realized my purpose as an educator, a citizen, and as a person. Meeting peoples of different culture, psyche, and orientations taught me how to appreciate life in different angles using my own optics. Getting involved in volunteerism helped me differentiate “making a name” and “making a difference.
Describe your journey as an educator in one word.
Wow! Huge thank you, Sir Michael for being such a good educator whom anybody could look up to. May your tribe increase!

Michael C. Mauricio is a senior high school teacher and the research coordinator of Taal High School under the Department of Education. Likewise, he is affiliated to Jesus is Lord Colleges Foundation (JILCF) Inc. as a part-time college faculty. He is a candidate for Master of Arts in Education with specialization in English Language Teaching at Philippine Normal University-Manila, Philippines. His research interests include mobile learning, mobile assisted language learning, autonomy in learning, and technology integrated language learning.

Larry Icabandi Nabiong:

Grade school teacher, article writer and free thinker.

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Hadoop – Best Technology For Data Handling

There are various big size data applications that need a special tool to manage data processing and storage of such applications. Thus, Hadoop is open source software, which stores massive data and runs the several of application all together to ensure all the system hardware is functioning properly and at its pace.

This is true that business is always associated with lots of information and data. To handle and manage this data, the owner required a professional who has knowledge of the latest technology software like Hadoop. This is because daily new data has to be incorporated into the system, which is making the storage complex.

The business needs a professional who can analyze this big size data and manage its storage so that the company can have the glimpse on those structured and well-organized data and take the better decision that helps the business to grow and develop further. Here are few points that will make the vision clear about the benefits of Hadoop technology and they are:

• Manage Massive Data: The business is not restricted to small and large size data; it has the distributed file system that supports arbitrarily large clusters and scales. Managing each file and folder is not everyone’s cup of tea. This challenge can be only accepted by the skilled professional who knows who to manage these data and remove the unwanted one, in order to save the space of the system memory.
• Manage High Volume Data: When there is a high data volume at speed, you need a special software tool to capture these speedy data and align them in a queue. Hence, Hadoop is the software that can help to ingest the high volume data speed in an effective manner.
• Applicable To Both Structured And Unstructured Data: In HDFS data store, both structured and unstructured data is present. To gain the valuable information from it, an advanced analytic tool is required, and Hadoop is one of them.

In the present day, the technology in the field of computer science is growing fast and to match the pace, both professional and newbie should enhance their professional skills. Hence, don’t pull yourself back to pursue the software courses. Hadoop has their high demand for the people who have good knowledge of Hadoop software. So, pick up your phone and get yourself enroll in the best institute where you can gain the knowledge and brush up your skills.

Become the master of the software industry by enrolling yourself in Justwin IT Solutions that provides Software Testing Training in Toronto for both beginner and professional.

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How to Get Scholarship for B.Sc. Nursing and Other Medical Courses

If you are interested in making nursing your career then there are an array of opportunities for students who want to join BSc Nursing. The course is aimed at preparing graduates to take up posts as competent professional nurses to provide preventive, primitive, curative and rehabilitative services to patient and

communities.The nursing profession is a noble profession and requires dealing with different types of patients regularly. Besides this dedication to work with doctors, patients and other hospital administration,compassion, patience and excellent communication skills are required.

BSc Nursing is a four year course which is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. As the profession directly involves in taking care of patients, thus the course has to be rigorous. To pursue B. Sc. nursing the candidates should have minimum eligibility criteria having completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as mandatory subjects. One can get admission into the B. Sc. nursing course by appearing in several entrance exams held between April-June. The average course fee for B.Sc. Nursing is Rs 8,500 to Rs 1.3 lakhs per annum. Nursing being an employment oriented program has many seekers. But unfortunately not everyone is able to fulfil their dreams of taking up this programme because of its relatively high fees.

The AIPMST (Primary) -2020 Scholarship Programme makes this a reality by giving the students the oppurtunity to realise their dreams. The scholarship exam for B.Sc. Nursing provides financial assistance to qualifying students. A candidate irrespective of the caste, community, gender or religion is eligible to apply for the scholarship. We grant merit based scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate (Medical) degrees in India.

The motivation of our scholarship programme is to enable exceptionally meritorious and deserving students to pursue academic education. The programme is designed to benefit the candidates belonging from weak financial background. These entrance scholarships are for students who will be studying under the scholarship programme of AIPMST (Primary)-2020 for an under graduate degree starting in 2020.

The scholarships will be granted on the basis of merit and it includes the full tuition fee of 4 years of the student’s course. A “Standard Laptop” is the minimum scholarship which will be provided just after completion of process of admission in AIPMST (Primary) participating institutes.

The qualifying candidates have to attend the online counselling of AIPMST (Primary) – 2020 where they will to choose their preferred institute and branch. Once the admission process is completed and seats are allocated through the counselling of AIPMST (Primary), the candidates are required to be physically present at the allotted institute for document submission as well as verification. After the completion of admission process, the candidates would be facilitated by the scholarship of qualified section. Please note that all documents and certificates are duly correct. No backlogs shall be entertained and if incorrect, false, misleading and misguiding information is furnished, the candidate shall be held responsible for the same and his or candidature shall be cancelled.

AIPMST (Primary) offers wings to aspirants in the form of scholarships, to fly high and transform their dreams into reality.

For further details you can visit the website:

AIPMST (Primary) is a scholarship examination for the students, who are aspiring to study in B.Pharma, B.Sc. Bio-Tech, B.Sc. Nursing, Paramedical, B.P.T, B.Sc. Agriculture(Hons.) and B.M.L.T courses.

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