Sometimes it may seem as though nowadays the only thing that is constantly on the lips of every marketer is, “Video marketing!” Certainly, over the last few years the amount of interest shown in this particular type of marketing has been on the rise, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. Knowing these reasons will help provide a solid foundation when you start to try your own hands and video marketing.

Frankly speaking, there are two broad reasons why video marketing is on the rise. First, and most obviously, is the fact that videos are distinctly better at conveying messages than text, images, or even audio. Of course, with video you have audio too – and you have images that actually move, and you can have text if you want to as well. In short, videos take the best of all worlds!

Apart from the simple advantages that videos have to offer, the main reason why video marketing is on the rise now as opposed to many years ago lies in the fact that people in general have faster internet connections than they previously did. Do you remember when most people connected to the internet at 14.4 kbps? 28.8 kbps? Do you remember when 56k was considered amazingly and stunningly fast?

Today, the internet has come a long way from those days of old. Back then, the idea of streaming videos while you watch them was nothing more than a pipe dream considering that ‘streaming’ a video would take hours and hours. When broadband entered the picture however, all of that began to change. With download speeds that are 100 times faster than previously, nowadays people rarely (if ever!) have to wait for videos to stream. Instead, they can simply view each video then and there.

In short, it is only recently that the technology actually made using videos a viable prospect. These technological advancements are now so widespread that it is safe to say that the majority of people who use the internet are doing so at a speed that is fast enough to allow them to stream videos. Granted, there are still those who do not have access to such speeds – but those numbers are now small enough that marketers no longer have to worry about using videos.

Over the last few years, videos have become a widespread online phenomenon. One needs only look as far as YouTube and the stunning popularity it has received to see just how many people love to watch videos online. If you give people what they want, i.e. videos that entertain, excite, and appeal to them, then you’re going to be able to do what every marketer longs to!

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