The new Barbie Video Girl doll includes a video camera, hidden inside her necklace. Your child can make movies, watch them, edit them and more.

The doll is recommended for ages 6 and up and comes with editing software and a hot pink USB cable. Barbie Video girl is available in brunette, blond and African-American.

Your child will have hours of fun recording videos as Barbie sees things. However, younger children might not be able to use the editing software on their own. They will most likely need the help of their parents. This is probably not a bad idea anyway as some parents might want to monitor what their children are posting on the social websites. Be sure to teach your children to follow all rules and guidelines of internet safety with this any other electronic device.

The small camera which is placed in Barbie’s necklace compares to some of the older higher end digital cameras when they were first released. This is not too bad, as it is recording from a doll.

The video quality is just fine as it is in a Barbie doll, the quality of the audio could be better. Good lighting is required. Natural light works best or be sure to have the lights on for better clarity.

The software allows you to produce a video from beginning to end. Your child is the producer. You can even watch videos recorded on the color LCD screen that is on Barbie’s back. When played back on Barbie you cannot hear the audio, but once transferred to your computer the audio can be heard. You can record up to 25 minutes on Barbie and you can look at the video and delete anything you do not want. You can either hold and play with her while recording or you can choose have her kneel and point her towards what you would like to video.

The video controls are located on the back of Barbie. The buttons are easy to use and reading is not required as similar to a camera the delete button has a picture of a garbage can, a picture of a camera to record and to stop recording as well as a play button. The camera button will turn the recorder on and off as well.

Your child will love creating videos with the software as it enables your child to add music from many genres and sound effects as well.

Finally, the Barbie Video Doll makes a great gift. Another great gift idea are number charms []. Whether Gold, Sterling Silver or even brass, number charms are a great idea for most anyone.

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