Constipation is one of the common disease nowadays in our societies. Every 3rd person is facing constipation. Not only male suffers but women also face this evil problem. There are many reasons behind constipation. We will help you out how to treat constipation naturally at your home.

What are the reasons behind constipation?

The main reason for this problem is because of a bad diet. You should review about your diet what you eat in daily routine. The exercise is also must for a healthy lifestyle. If you have no time for exercise so you probably face constipation. Not enough taking fiber related food. Fiber is good for digestive system and better bowel moments. Not only fiber liquid are also compulsory for regulating the healthy bowel moments. Drink enough water to keep your stool soften.

Here are some quick constipation remedies.

Take coffee, don’t Hesitate:

Coffee can cure your constipation problem. If you coffee lover so you can take it as usual. But don’t rely on just coffee for constipation treatment. Drink enough liquid like juices or water.

Drink Enough Liquid:

The liquid is most important for softening your stool. Drink at leat 12 glasses of water per day. It aids your digestive system and also washes out toxins from your body. Liquid helps your bowel moment healthy. You can drink water with an empty stomach as much as you can.

Guava Also Helps You Out:

Guava is a good trick in constipation. Guava seeds are a natural laxative for you. You can eat guava along with seeds. Buy some fresh and fragrant guava cut them and eat them. But be careful if your digestive system is weak so avoid seeds.

Lemon Water:

Citric acid plays a vital role for constipation treatment. Lemon if full with citric acid. You can drink lemon water in your daily routine. It is an easy one to prepare at your home. Squeeze lemon into warm water and drink or sip it until it finished.

Figs Aids Your Digestive System:

Figs are very good in the treatment of constipation. I have also experience with constipation. I treat it with figs believe me it aids me a lot. Soak 4 figs in water at night and eat them along with water early in the morning with an empty stomach.

Olive oil:

It softens your stool when you eat live oil. Drink one spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach. Prepare your meals with olive oil.

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