Fighting overweight in teenagers can sometimes be difficult. Usually, children in their teens especially between the ages of 16-19 have some measure of liberty from their parents, and so can go to anywhere they feel like with friends and other acquaintances. Most times they like to visit fast food restaurants when they are hungry and go to exciting spots for fun. The temptations of fast food delicacies can be overwhelming for hungry teenagers.

One of the major implications of constantly patronizing fast food restaurants can be seen in the weight of teens that constantly visit these restaurants. There is no denying it, obesity and overweight are becoming problems of great concern to both parents and governments alike. Health professionals in the US believe that by the year 2030 1 in every 4 teenagers in the US will either be obese or overweight. Solution to teens overweight does not only lie on parents but also the teenagers have major roles to play.

We all know that teens can sometime be rebellious and outright stubborn to parents. A teenage child may resent the parents controlling guide lines and feel that he or she is unfairly treated or marginalized because of being overweight, this can be more frustrating especially for busy parents who do not have the time to monitor their teens. One way to discourage your teen from patronizing fast foods, is to always have an alternative healthy food at home. The best alternative in this case should be delicious and tasty home prepared foods. Besides, a completely new family lifestyle and eating habit have to be introduced, if the family has not been having breakfasts and dinners at home, this has to change.

Mind you it will not be easy to change your teens eating habits if they have already fallen in love with those junk foods out there. So, the first step will be to prepare their mind for the pending change by employing moral suasion, a mild persuasion outlining the implications of overweight and the deadly effects if not arrested. Teens may not really comprehend the health implication of this as they may only be too concerned with their looks, so it is the job of parents to let them know the long-term health implications.

Parent must learn how to choose and prepare healthy foods, if your teen is a girl, try to encourage her to be part of the preparation process, even if teenage boys show interest, do not discourage them. Whenever you are cooking, try to avoid deep frying, instead you can introduce grilling, toasting, steaming, and baking. Of course, fatty and sugary foods should be discouraged. Choose good carbohydrates like, potatoes, bread, rice, spaghetti, pasta etc. these can be prepared in very healthy and delicious ways to provide the necessary nutrients for your teenagers and young adults. If you need more info on how to help Your overweight Teen Fight lose weight: If you are having problems with challenging weight loss you can visit: Okinawa Flat Belly

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