To look good, people massively undergo different diets, but often they do not get the desired result.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made while trying to lose weight and how to speed up this process.

Mistake # 1. You did not solve the psychological problem

In most cases, the main reason for weight gain is psycho-emotional problems which is more or less deep rooted. They can be associated with childhood traumas, personal relationships, whether unrealized or been aware and hidden. While you are not digging the root of the problem, you will lose weight, and then re-eat. And this process will become endless. It’s like wiping water without closing the tap.

What to do? – To understand, finally, why you are actually overeating, either talk to yourself frankly, or contact a psycho-analyst, so that they find this problem and help you work through it.

Mistake # 2. Do not pay attention to health

The most common physiological causes of weight gain are different kinds of hormonal failures and a number of diseases. In particular, hypothyroidism and other thyroid dysfunction, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, hypothalamic dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, pancreatic and digestive system disorders, etc. lead to weight gain. If you do not overeat, and the weight grows, it can be related also with heart failure or nephrotic syndrome (due to puffiness).

What to do? – It is necessary to undergo a full physical examination. I’m sure that food helps to cure all diseases, but it’s ideal to plan “nutritionally” when designing your diet plan, solving not only an aesthetic problem, but also a health problem. However, serious cases may require drug support.

Mistake # 3. Restriction of the diet

To get rid of excess weight, most “sit down” on some new-fangled diet or an old, proven nutrition system that sharply limits the consumption of fats or carbohydrates. Often this works, and the weight goes away, but this approach does not solve the problem: as soon as we return to the usual food (as a rule, imperceptibly for ourselves), old kilograms return, and quite quickly, and with 5-6 additional kg.

What to do? – To create either a diet or a balanced diet, on which you can live all your life (changing the details and mood, depending on the mood and season, but at the same time keeping the base). Products should be uniquely pleasant to you, and also useful for your health and figure.

The basis of the menu should ideally consist – greens, fiber, raw vegetables and fruits, vegetable fats, seafood, fish, a few nuts and whole grains.

Mistake # 4. Calorie counting

World nutritionists have long since abandoned calorie counting and yet this tradition is still alive. And the advice to count calories is given by people who call themselves “professionals”. What can you eat, for example, at 1400 Kcal, recommended for weight loss to women? Option number one – two chocolates. Option number two – a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of products saturated with vitamins and minerals. In the first case, you will sharply increase the level of sugar, which will provoke a wolfish appetite, and in the end you will eat a mountain on a roll. In the second you will be full, happy, and the weight will continue to comfortably and smoothly leave.

In most cases, the main reason for weight gain is psycho-emotional problems

What to do? – Eat consciously by choosing a meal rich in vitamins and microelements, which, with small portions, can provide maximum saturation.

Mistake # 5. Drinking less water

Water is necessary for our body to normalize metabolic processes, active blood circulation, well-coordinated work of all organs and systems, elimination of excess fluid, toxins and degradation products from the body. Many drink little, because they do not feel thirsty. In fact, we feel thirst only when the body is dehydrated and screaming for help.

What to do? – Drink at least 2.5 litres of clean water a day. Tea, juices do not count.

Mistake # 6. Lack of movement

Many hope to lose weight without sports. It’s possible, but hard: the weight will go slowly, and one day it will stop. Many think the difference between consumed calories and calories spent will have to be increased by limiting the menu, and this is not right. The body will quickly switch on the economy mode, and all the work will go wrong, not to mention the physiological and psychological discomfort.

In addition, without training, the skin will hang, and the muscles will lose shape. As a result, the body will become flabby and unattractive. Do not forget also that with physical activity the body produces endorphins, which contribute to a good mood and sense of satisfaction. And a positive attitude in our lives is simply necessary!

What to do? – Start doing the kind of activity that you like. Go out, buy a subscription to the gym, swimming pool, attend group sessions in the fitness room or go dance. Accustom yourself at least half an hour a day to train at home. You can download sets of exercises and do them as soon as you have free time. In any case do not push yourself too hard at the beginning, gain speed gradually.

Mistake # 7. Strength training

Through strength training it is harder to get rid of fat, and when exercising, the muscle mass begins to grow (so there may even be an increase in weight), but fat will not go away – it can only be burned by cardio. In this case, many do not like them, and believe that they can lose weight through eating and strength training. In fact, if that is not enough, you really will visually lose weight, but the subcutaneous fat will remain, and will continue to interfere with the work of internal organs as before. And most of the outside will be evenly distributed over the body from the strength exercises. Once you stop working out, the muscles will fall off and the look will not be the best.

What to do? – You need to add cardio to strength exercises. It can be running, cycling, exercise bike, jumping rope, circular and interval training.

Mistake # 8. Desire for immediate results

One of the most common mistakes is unrealistic expectations. Many people want, regardless of the amount of excess weight, to get rid of it in a couple of weeks. And if this does not happen, they quickly lose inspiration. Especially if a hungry diet and gruelling training stopped producing results (and such an outcome in this case is inevitable).

What to do? – Stop panicking and analyse what you did wrong. If it’s hard for you, ask your dietician for help, and be patient. Also, losing 4-5 kg per month is the norm, in cases of high initial weight – up to 7-8 kg is possible. Sharp weight loss is stressful for the body. It is difficult for the body to restructure to another type of work, so you will feel weak, headaches, changes in the hormonal background and other side effects.

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