The ancient aromatic organic oils are known to quell the symptoms of every type of illness, be it acute or chronic one. Due to the countless therapeutic benefits and healing properties, the potent natural extracts are known to prevent the chances of many diseases deep in the bud. The trade of the Certified Organic Oils manufacturers has risen significantly in the past few years due to high demand of Natural Essential Oils of India in preparation of herbal pharmaceuticals.

A significant healing property that is found in many Organic Oils is of anti pyretic effect. There are many essential oils that can prevent or check the symptoms of fever. Generally, fever occurs when the temperature of the body goes beyond its optimal value of 37°C or 98.6°F. Fevers usually happen as a natural defensive phenomenon that indicates that the body’s resistance mechanism is actively fighting a pathogenic infection. Nonetheless, a high and chronic fever can cause necrosis or programmed cell death in an organ, seizures and delirium. Therefore, it is very compulsory to check the intensity of fevers if they begin to cause body sores and irritation.

Here are a few powerful organic oils that can mildly attack the root cause of fever and can ward it off completely. These can be easily procured from the trusted suppliers who source them from Bulk Essential Oils Manufacturers.

These are:

Eucalyptus Oil:
Righteously known as the natural -anti-fever oil’, the eucalyptus oil is one of the most prominent organic essential oils that can be used against fever. If consumed with the lavender oil, it can relax the body and reduce the intensity of fever gradually. Diluting a drop of eucalyptus oil with three drops of lavender oil in 1 cup of ice-cold water can effectively deliver the result. This dilution is too applied by soaking a clean cotton cloth in this blend and placing it on the forehead. This process is to be repeated until the temperature of the body comes to the optimal value.

Lemongrass Oils:
This is another highly effective essential oil that is used commonly against many types of fever treatments. It possesses natural anti-inflammatory and antipyretic qualities. Besides, it is widely considered a powerful analgesic and can check the joint and muscular aches that generally occur as a result of high fever. It can be also used for preventing body aches and headaches that arise due to prolonged flu or a common cold infection. Mixing 2 drops of this oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil and applying this blend to the feet can deliver maximum relief from pain.

Peppermint Oil:
It is one of the most prominent Natural Essential Oils that have been used to cure respiratory issues and prevent fever. The chief constituent of this oil is menthol that is highly beneficial in clearing respiratory tract or the breathing passage thereby easing the breathing process. Besides, the menthol has cooling properties that significantly cool down the body internally and brings down the fever. Apart from that, this oil can cure sinusitis pain, and is effective in treating cough, bronchitis, and chest congestion. It can be easily found with Certified Organic Oils manufacturers.

An Antipyretic Therapeutic Oil Blend:
And here is a noteworthy formula for quelling the symptoms instantly and deeply. All that one requires is the fresh organic Essential oil of garlic, and two mild carrier oils that is Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Blending some drops of garlic oil with 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive and coconut oils and mildly warming the mixture can make the natural Antipyretic Therapeutic Oil Blend. Applying this Blend to the soles of the feet and covering the feet with a plastic bag and keeping it for overnight can effectively reduce fever. These powerful essential oils can be very easily procured from Bulk Essential Oils Manufacturers.

There is no doubt that the normal Paracetamol tablets can quickly fight off fever and is generally prescribed by all physicians. It however, causes dizziness and sometimes uneasiness to several consumers. On the contrary, the Pure Essential Oils are mild and they provide deep and lasting relief from fever. One can easily find such Pure Essential Oils at Wholesale prices from any trustworthy online supplier that sources its organic products from Certified Organic Oils manufacturers.

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