If you are not aware of the website YouTube then you must be living in a cave. People all over the world are crazy over this site. How crazy? Well, let’s just say that videos in this site have millions of views every day.

Most videos that can be watched here are not even made by professionals or directors. They are just videos that were simply caught by mobile phone cameras/ cameras in different places and events.

So how one video could have millions of views? It’s easy, with just a few clicks of the mouse then anyone from anywhere can enjoy watching. This is the very reason why videos here spread like a virus.

One of the most watched videos in YouTube is about a man who performed different styles of dancing from different eras. The title of his clip is the Evolution of Dance and it gained over 140 million views. That video made him an instant celebrity and now he can even be invited to perform at different occasions.

Imagine if this video sharing site wasn’t invented. Perhaps he will still be dancing in front of his family and friends and his talent wouldn’t be known all over the world.

There are other ways to get famous and known. He could have just sent his videos in other famous TV programs but they will not show the whole 6 minute dance routine he made. They will just probably show a few parts of it but not the whole thing.

Another video worth watching is the Battle at Kruger. Here, you can watch a baby buffalo being chased by lions towards an alligator’s mouth. Moments later, a herd of buffalo rescued the poor baby buffalo and then ran after the lions.

This kind of video could not easily be seen in ordinary TV channels. Scenes like this could only be seen in the wild which is place we cannot all dare to visit. With 50 million views, it just proves that people would love to see things like this but just lack the ways to.

But wait; let’s not give all the credit to YouTube or other video sharing sites. We need to remember that without the internet, none of this could happen and such phenomenon will not occur.

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